How to Drive and Convert More B2B Leads with Webinars

In most online resources that will teach you how to conduct successful webinars, you will most likely get generic tips on setting up landing pages, choosing webinar software, and promoting it on social channels. 

Having conducted dozens of webinars that turned out to be both successes and failures, I have learned that one can succeed with webinars only through practice – by making mistakes and improving with every live transmission.

Let’s face it – anyone can set up a virtual room and read a presentation. The truth is when you know the basics and do everything according to the book, you can still fail. Why? The devil is in the details.

In this article, I will share my key learnings from organizing the webinars, which helped attract the right highly-engaged audience. No matter if you decide to run webinars on your own or hire a marketer to help you during this process — in both cases, you will acquire the right mindset to help you conduct successful webinars.

How to generate more leads with webinars

Let’s dive deeper into eight tips to organize and successfully promote webinars that gather a full room of highly targeted prospects. These are the boxes you need to tick before you go live.

1. Choose the right topic

Even though choosing the right topic seems to be the most obvious thing on Earth when it comes to webinars, you can make the most mistakes with this one.

When choosing the topic for your webinar, avoid general descriptive topics that don’t address these two points:

Eliminate pain Help achieve the desired outcome

In other words, your webinar topic should either be a pain killer or a vitamin.

Let’s take a look at the webinar case study of Drift, a company famous for using chatbot marketing hacks for lead generation. It’s clear what the webinar helps achieve. Also, it’s quite specific. 

Bringing up a unique case study in the headline is what makes this webinar valuable! Incorporating case studies and numbers in your topic makes it much easier for you to convince prospects to sign up for it during the stage of webinar promotion

Protip: you can also tweak the topic to repel your “negative persona” or people who will never become your customers. Make sure you clearly state who the webinar is for and who won’t derive value from it.

For example, by stating the webinar is for SaaS growth consultants, you would turn away junior marketing people. Make sure you have aligned the benefits of the webinar with your persona’s personal and professional goals.

2. Co-host with industry influencers

Even though your company might not have a recognizable brand just yet, you can enhance your image by inviting industry thought leaders who have already built a reputation.

Check out how Lemlist, an outreach tool, does it with sales and marketing heroes. They have hosted a series of webinars with sales and growth marketing experts that went viral.

Do your research online to find influencers in your field who have a well-developed and engaged social media network. 

Find out how popular their materials are by looking into engagement metrics such as comments, likes, and reposts. Check out the popularity of their Youtube channels and page traffic to find out if they have

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