Joshua Pinker on joining the animation industry

Joshua Pinker is a 2D animation artist, originally from New Jersey. He graduated from Lesley University in 2014. Since then he has contributed as an animator on numerous projects with studios across Canada and the United States. In his spare time Joshua self-published and released an e-book, Your Animated Journey, which is a self-help guide for artists interested in working in the animation industry.

Your Animated Journey includes an overview of the animation pipeline, advice on attending animation school, as well as practical tips for resumes, portfolios, business cards and job opportunities. At 131 pages, Bonus Edition of the e-book also features a Questions & Really Good Answers section with advice from recruiters, artists and other professionals, such as Kacie Hermanson, Chris Burns, Aaron Cowdery and Todd Ramsay.

We interviewed Joshua Pinker about his book and his advice for artists finding their way into the animation industry. You can follow our conversation below.

Cover art for the Your Animated Journey ebook by Joel Mackenzie.

What does your day-to-day role as an animator look like?

I’m currently working for two companies on two different shows. During the day, I work for Portfolio Entertainment in Toronto, on Doomsday Brothers, which is going to be airing on Sundays on Adult Swim. That’s been really fun! And I’ve been working on that show since January.

With Doomsday Brothers, we have a server. For each new episode that we start on, all the scenes are there and get broken up into quotas. I usually do 1500 frames over two weeks, which are around 40 to 50 seconds. We download the files and open them up. That has the background, the characters, and the animatic. I go to town and just start animating, submit it and then I get revisions back from supervisors. Once it’s all done, I compress the project file and send it off.

At night and on weekends, I have homework for the other show, Drunken Rewind for Straight To Tell. And it’s pretty much the same thing. The only difference is for Portfolio Entertainment, I’m a senior level animator, freelancing as an extra hand. With this other show, I’m actually the lead animator — I’m the only animator for the whole season — which is really awesome. It’s more responsibility, not only for coming up with the acting, but it’s my style and my animation throughout.

How would you describe your book, Your Animated Journey, and what led you to make it?

Your Animated Journey is an ebook that I somehow found the time to write? It’s a self-help textbook for anyone that’s interested in working in the animation industry. If you’re right out of school or if it’s you’re just starting out, this book has helpful information to succeed, strive and be a professional in the industry.

The book does not cover how to animate, because all that information can be found elsewhere. You can go on Toon Boom’s website where they have amazing tutorials, you can go on YouTube to find tutorials on how to use Harmony or how to animate. I’m the lead animator on Drunken Rewind, and I’m a senior animator on Doomsday Brothers, but I don’t think that my animation style is how everyone should be animating. That’s why I kept that completely out of the book.

Instead I focused on

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