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In fast-paced projects, task management on the go is essential to ensuring your team stays as productive as possible. Our latest updates to MeisterTask for iOS are all about keeping your projects accessible and close at hand: read on to find out more.

The MeisterTask apps for iPad and iPhone enable quick and easy access to your projects wherever you are. We’ve made a number of crucial changes to make our on-the-go experience faster and smoother than ever before. Let’s see what’s new.

1. Widgets

The most important part of our latest update coincides with a significant update for iOS 14: widgets

Widgets are bite-size chunks of app information that can be seen without the need to open the app itself. While widgets for iOS aren’t new (they’ve been part of the “today view” for a while now), iOS 14 is important because it allows you to add widgets to your home screen too. This means greater license to customize your home screen by making the apps you use most more prominent.  

Home screen widgets will only be available for iOS 14 on iPhone. Although iPad users will also be able to use widgets, these will only be available from the today view.

Widgets for MeisterTask

Naturally, the latest version of MeisterTask for iOS allows you to utilize the power of widgets in your own task management processes. Here’s what you can do with widgets:

Add dedicated MeisterTask widgets to your home screen to display important information from your tasks. Customize the appearance and content of the MeisterTask widgets on your home screen with different widget sizes/styles.  Decide which information is displayed. Currently, you can select from My Checklist, My Tasks, or any project section in any task you are part of.

Once you’ve added some MeisterTask widgets to your home screen, you can use the feature to make task management faster and easier. Here’s how:

Filter Relevant Information

When you’re on the go, we know that speed is key. As you’ll probably only want to keep an eye on a couple of your most important tasks in MeisterTask while you’re away from your computer, widgets are a perfect way of keeping things streamlined. While the option to open the full MeisterTask app is always available, widgets help you focus on what really matters in a compact, at-a-glance view, straight from your home screen. 

Use Widgets as Shortcuts

We received a lot of user requests for shortcuts to specific tasks: with widgets, we’ve turned this into a reality. Once you’ve set up your widgets, you can open any displayed task or project section with just one tap. No need to click through MeisterTask.

Create Mini-dashboards on Your Home Screen

You can arrange widgets on your home screen in any order you like: the more MeisterTask widgets you place on there, the more task information you will see. With enough widgets, you’ll gain a good overview of your own to-dos as well as other tasks that are open in selected projects, similar to the dashboard in MeisterTask.

If you want a large amount of task information but need to save space on your home screen, you can stack multiple MeisterTask widgets (see below). This allows you to group the most important widgets together (up to ten) and access

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