The Unity Asset Store turns 10: Here’s how we’re celebrating

We’ve created super-discounted mega bundles to showcase a decade of awesome assets – and the killer games creators have made with them.

On November 11th, Asset Store turns 10 years old. In that time we’ve grown to over 60,000 assets, with millions of users saving potentially billions of hours. Over 11,000 publishers produce this killer content.

Over the past decade, the Asset Store has been the go-to source for valuable, time-saving and project-finishing art, extensions, and more for Unity users. From solo game devs to AAA studios, the Unity Asset Store helps power amazing projects of all kinds. We’re excited to bring you Asset Store X, a mega bundle sale featuring assets from the past 10 years that remain as valuable today as they were when they were released.

Through November 12th, we’re offering over 95% off 20 of our favorite assets from the past decade. Age doesn’t mean a thing for these assets, which have been consistently supported and updated for each major Unity release. Grab a few, or grab them all – this Mega Bundle offer has something for everyone.

Tier 1: Get started for $9.99

Our first group of assets features creatures from long-time publishers Protofactor and Polygonmaker, GOLEM and Fantasy Horde – Orc. Both of these have been updated since release to keep pace with evolving rendering and player expectations. Oak Trees Package, originally released in 2011, continues to look great in 2020, and now includes wind and shaders for HDRP.

Rounding out this group, composer John Leonard French brings us 21 professionally mastered tracks and loops in The Combat Collection PRO Edition, and BitGem provides Micro Monster & Heroes Pack Low Poly – essential elements to create a truly immersive experience for your players. 

Tier 2: Get more for just $24.99

Our next group of assets includes amazing game-ready art like Frozen GUI Pack, a mobile-friendly UI pack with an approachable winter theme, and the insanely popular Top-Down Assets by ManufacturaK4. We love ‘em for their spot-on graphics, and especially the detailed, painstakingly crafted demo scene in Top-Down Assets. This is the kind of demo scene that lets you work on your project right away, as it’s fully usable.

Also updated for HDRP, UI – Builder from Beffio is a vast library of UI elements designed for easy assembly into custom UI experiences. It’s a must-have for your asset arsenal. This group finishes with Tower Defense Toolkit 4, a powerful one-and-done system for creating tower defense games, and PoolManager, a tool to increase performance by helping you to manage instances more efficiently.

Tier 3: Get everything for just $35.99

The final group contains 10 assets you may have already heard about. We have art tools, which help you produce graphics or other art in your project, with Procedural UI Image and UniStorm, a powerful dynamic sky, weather, and cloud system, plus SUIMONO Water System to create interactive water effects in your scenes. 

It’s great when assets used together are more powerful than they are alone, and that’s definitely the case for this set. Edy’s Vehicle Physics, a popular tool for vehicle racing physics, combines perfectly with EasyRoads3D Pro v3 and Master Audio: AAA Sound. To keep the racing theme going, we also have Toon Racing by SICS Games.

Editor extensions have always been

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