HubSpot alternatives: 7 feature-packed solutions that fit your budget

I’ve been a HubSpot power user for three years, even something of a HubSpot evangelist.

When I was first introduced to HubSpot, it was the most innovative marketing automation solution on the market, and it was well priced for the SMB market. 

Over the past few years, though, HubSpot has become intent on capturing the enterprise market, resulting in huge price increases. These price increases were the reason I began looking at alternatives to HubSpot at my company. I had negotiated our Enterprise plan contract to 50+% off the sticker price and we were still paying head and shoulders above what even the most expensive HubSpot alternatives are charging. 

When compiling a list of HubSpot alternatives, I wasn’t just looking for a simple marketing automation solution. HubSpot has been a pioneer in growth software, offering a single integrated platform that sales and marketing teams can use together. While marketing automation has always been the foundation of their offerings, HubSpot also offer a content management solution, a CRM (with sales automation), and a burgeoning customer support tool, which allows growth-focused teams to have a complete understanding of their relationships with each contact.

So to qualify as a HubSpot alternative, a solution has to make collaboration between marketers, salespeople, and support teams easy. On this list, I’ll be considering solutions that have at least CRM and email marketing. Many of the solutions will include other things like a CMS or help desk features.

As we move into my list of alternatives, I want to start by giving HubSpot a fair shake so that we can see what it does well, who it’s for, and why you might seek an alternative in the first place.

HubSpot: Pros and Cons

As mentioned, HubSpot consists of a marketing automation solution, a CRM, a CMS, and a help desk solution. Some of their standout features include:

A visual automation builderCross-property reportingA complete blogging suiteAd automationSequences, which is their sales email automation tool Pricing:

Each of HubSpot’s tools can be purchased individually and a number of them are actually free to get started with. However, to get started with their growth suite, it’s $50/month. Their highest listed price for the growth suite is $4,200/month for the enterprise plan. After that, it’s custom pricing.

What HubSpot does well

HubSpot has always been good at providing an intuitive platform for growth-minded digital marketers. They have historically been a leading brand in the inbound marketing world and the marketing aspects of the software certainly reflect that. They were the first solution to introduce an extremely user-friendly visual automation builder, for instance. Their marketing automation and marketing reporting functions are still some of the best on the market.

Where HubSpot can improve

As mentioned, HubSpot’s pricing has grown steadily more outrageous over the years. For a long time, I felt the higher price point accurately reflected the level of service and tech innovation that HubSpot brought to the table. In the past year or so, though, I have personally had some major issues with both their service and their tech, making me feel that the price tag is no longer worth it.

Next, while HubSpot’s marketing features are world-class, its other segments are lacking. The free CRM is very limited, for instance. Unlocking basic tasking automation costs $50/month for two

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