October 26: Recent bug fixes

The Streak team has been working to keep things running smoothly and looking fresh. Here’s a write up of recent fixes:

? Some box timelines were failing to load

Although not a widespread occurrence, some box timelines weren’t loading; something we take seriously no matter how often it’s happening! We resolved this issue to make sure you can find your emails, tasks, call logs, and more when you open a box.

? Date of Last Email Received magic column not updating

The “Date of Last Email Received” magic column wasn’t updating when you received incoming emails, possibly indicating that you were being ghosted (at least as far as magic columns are concerned). Good news — you weren’t! We’ve fixed this issue.

? Notification emails not boxed

Notification emails for mentions in comments, tasks, and other activity weren’t added to boxes. They’re now being added, so you’ll be able to find relevant details and make updates in the sidebar when you get notifications.

? Duplicates in contact suggestions

Streak was suggesting contacts that were already added to boxes, sometimes causing duplicates. This was largely due to capitalization (ex: JANE@ACME.COM vs. jane@acme.com) and while we urge you to use your indoor voices while adding contacts, we also fixed the issue.

? Company field not updating for organizations

Streak helps you out by automatically linking contacts with their related organizations in your pipelines, which makes us happy because we’re all about saving time where we can. However, the contact’s “company” field wasn’t updating after linking. This has been fixed.

? Opening email from box view doesn’t auto-open sidebar

When you opened an email from the box view, the Streak sidebar (with all that good box info!) wasn’t opening next to the email thread. We fixed this so you can see the email… AND the box details.

? Files not pulled into boxes

Files attached to some older emails weren’t being pulled into boxes. The issue has been resolved and files are pulled in along with their emails.

? Contact sidebar interface

The contact sidebar was misbehaving when scrolling down to find all the juicy details, resulting in overlapping icons at the top. This has been smoothed out.

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