Leverage the Power of Data and Process With Wrike for Marketers Performance

It’s challenging to justify significant spend and effort without showing results. Unfortunately, this is a common pain point for marketing teams.

For all aspects of marketing to run smoothly and in a cost-effective manner, you need to be able to assess the effort with the outcome, from team utilization right through to results. Otherwise, productivity will slip and it will become harder to justify the spend required for marketing success. 

Marketers aren’t unfamiliar with these challenges which have been made all the more difficult in light of curveballs thrown by 2020. Regarding processes, marketing teams are overwhelmed with disparate systems and need better collaboration tools. And when it comes to outcomes, C-level marketers struggle to prove marketing value and ROI against broader business objectives. 

Within this complicated environment, Wrike has developed a solution for marketing teams to overcome these common challenges. Wrike’s powerful work management platform enables teams to streamline workflows, overhaul creative processes, and assign resources for upcoming campaigns. With Wrike for Marketers Performance, this effort to enhance team productivity is matched by the ability to leverage the full power of data to monitor and improve on marketing activities. 

Wrike is the first collaborative work management platform optimizing digital marketing investment by connecting effort with results. 

What is Wrike for Marketers Performance, and why do you need it? 

Companies are spending millions on digital marketing across many channels, and there are often sprawling teams in place to manage activities. To succeed in this environment, teams require instant access to creative assets, progress, and campaign insights. With thousands of ad, email, and social platforms, performance is siloed, and insight is elusive. 

However, digital marketing is continuously shifting. It takes 200 milliseconds for an ad auction to complete, and billions of these auctions occur every hour. Therefore, operating in time frames of weeks or months isn’t sustainable for marketing teams. 

Wrike for Marketers Performance takes Wrike for Marketers to the next level by incorporating powerful reporting and analytics. We’ve combined the power of our work management platform with essential functions for marketing teams: providing a single source of truth for data and the ability to improve marketing efforts through actionable analytics. 

Let’s go ahead and break down these elements of functionality. 

Consolidate data into one space 

Did you know that the most popular ad platforms account for 80% of marketing spend? With thousands of ad platforms in the market, marketing teams need verified marketing data to track progress and optimize ROI. 

Wrike is the only work management platform that efficiently consolidates and normalizes campaign KPIs from 50 popular advertising and marketing platforms. Even non-technical marketers and executives can quickly assess and interpret invaluable insights. You don’t need to tap into valuable tech time or wait weeks for data analysts to sift through data that rapidly becomes obsolete. 

A few simple steps can connect Wrike to insights across your martech, adtech, social, and marketing automation platforms. By combining the data of all active campaigns in real time, marketers have access to unified, up-to-date insight. Teams can collaborate, coordinate, and oversee the performance of all campaigns. With access to valuable data, teams can measure and grow campaigns with an increased focus on performance. 

Get better analytics 

Wrike for Marketers Performance enables easy access to performance metrics, right where work happens. With data

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