Customize Your 2D Floor Plans

2D Floor Plans are trending this year. If you’ve looked at an online real estate listing, an office floor plan, or an interior design service, you’ve probably seen one or more 2D floor plans as part of the package. People love them, and with apps like RoomSketcher, professional 2D floor plans are easy for anyone to create.

Interior designers use them to show furniture layouts and color schemes. Facilities planners use them to layout spaces – for offices, gyms, senior housing, and more. For home remodeling, 2D floor plans are important for clear vision and communication between clients, architects, builders, and decorators. 2D floor plans are essential for real estate, whether it’s new home developments or resale. A recent study by the National Association of Realtors shows that floor plans are one of the most important home listing elements, and a study by Rightmove showed that buyers are more likely to inquire about a property whose listing includes a floor plan.

At RoomSketcher, we are passionate about floor plans. Today, we’re excited to highlight the beautiful, high-quality floor plans that our Pro subscribers can create. With unlimited colors, lots of flooring and furniture choices, the ability to add your logo, symbols, custom text, and more – the options are virtually endless. Read on to get inspiration for your next floor plan!

Use Color to Communicate Key Rooms

In the real estate and home building areas, buyers want to quickly understand the number of bedrooms & bathrooms, and where they are located. When you transition from black & white to colored floor plans – suddenly, the key rooms stand out and the layout of the property is easy to understand at a glance.

Traditionally, it’s been bathrooms and bedrooms that were the focus. Now that people are spending a lot more time at home, you may want to highlight the possibilities for a home office, a gym, or a play space for children. With RoomSketcher, you can pick which rooms get which floor color, so you can decide what to emphasize for each and every property.

Highlight the Flooring Options

Your floor plan viewers don’t have to just imagine the flooring for the property. Homebuilders and interior designers can use 2D floor plans to demonstrate different flooring color schemes. Here’s a 2D floor plan showing a light color scheme with a hardwood floor in the main living areas, cream carpet in the bedrooms, and blue bath tiles.

And here’s the same floor plan showing a darker hardwood floor color with the grain in a different direction. You can also see the blue carpet for the bedrooms, grey bathroom tile, and a redwood deck. Which color scheme do you prefer?

Show or Hide Furniture to Suit Your Floor Plan Needs

Depending on your goals, you may want to show or hide furniture on a floor plan, and RoomSketcher gives you lots of options. With just a click, your floor plan can be generated with all the furniture, with just fixed installations such as built-in appliances, or with no furniture at all.

The customization options don’t stop there. You can set a fill color or outline color for the furniture, and even choose a different color for kitchen items vs furniture items if the difference is something you want

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