How to Use Your CRM to Cultivate And Increase Your Brand’s Value

At the end of the day, successful businesses are successful because they make their clients’ lives better. This is obviously something that can be accomplished in a variety of ways with a variety of tools, according to the business model of the company, but perhaps among the most readily available and technologically friendly way to achieve this macro-objective is through the implementation of Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM).

CRMs are digital tools that allow businesses to streamline their marketing and engagement efforts with current and prospective customers. Principally, the idea behind the CRM is to provide a company with a centralized portal to share a variety of useful content and information (articles, promotions, social media updates, sales updates, current events) that customers will find interesting and helpful. 

However, while the content disseminated through the CRM is obviously important, the strength of the CRM is in its organizational capacity which enables a business owner to create a coherent and consistent messaging platform to build and maintain its brand identity.

A Strong CRM Strategy Will Increase Customer Retention

It is no secret that while businesses must strive to secure new clients, it is equally important not to lose old ones. How can a company ensure that it keeps its original client base? By making sure the company and its brand are unforgettable. Therefore, companies should strive to develop a content strategy that is trackable for each prospective client by doing the following:

  Designate a master CRM manager to set up initial the initial content campaigns   Identify content-vertices for each existing and prospective client that is interesting and compelling   Personalize the messaging of each piece of content syndicated to each respective existing and prospective client   Track the viewing and response rates (however you define it) for each piece of syndicated content

Finally, learn from the data that is obtained from the promulgation of your CRM strategy. Do some of your customers love learning about developments in technology? Keep sending content focused on Tech? Do these same clients seem to immediately delete any emails with subject lines alluding to political developments? Don’t send them articles on politics!

The key here is not to become lazy and complacent with the customer-learning program that your CRM has hopefully achieved and actualize this information with personalized email and newsletter drip campaigns. Customer data is everything and should continuously drive strategic decisions in how your company interfaces with present and future clients.

Customers are Fickle and Must be Continuously Entertained

The old saying, “What have you done for me lately?” is undoubtedly cynical but is also a remarkably important reminder of the transactional relationship between customers and businesses. In any given industry, the customer has a seemingly endless number of choices of who to give their business to.

Why? The rise of the internet and globalization has driven prices down and increased the number of competing vendors. Customers regularly share product and brand information on various platforms and can move on to bigger and better options; People are simply better equipped to make more nuanced and better curated, purchasing decisions.  Thus the need for businesses to stay active and salient.

Are you active on Instagram? Linkedin? Facebook? Do you maintain an active blog with interesting current events? Share your social media presence with your

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