Inktober roundup 2020

This Inktober we’ve seen a stunning array of digital drawings made using Affinity. Here we share some of our favourite creations and a bit about the talented artists behind them.

Stuart Ruecroft

Stuart Ruecroft is a 2D digital artist from Cheltenham, UK, who amalgamates traditional pen and ink drawing with digital art. He has been using Affinity Designer for over three years and loves to explore natural patterns and textures in his work.

“Vector patterns and textures combined with subtle colour blends and transparency have become a significant feature of my drawings. I frequently use vector objects to create assets (brushes, objects, patterns and styles) and have released a limited number to the resources section on the Affinity Forum.”

“This is my fifth year of taking part in Inktober; I try to be creative with the word prompts and not use them literally. The drawings tend to evolve into something more complex and intricate as I work, and it is rare for me to complete the challenge, but I believe it is important to take part.”

“Last year was more of an experiment with vectors and texturing, but this year I wanted to make use of my custom brush sets (raster and vector). As an example, I used my InkPainter-Sketch raster brush set on the fish to achieve a ‘scratchy’ hand-drawn appearance.”

You can find out more about Stuart’s work on Artstation.


Andrei “anddresart” Delcea is an 18-year-old illustration enthusiast based in Romania who has just graduated from high school. He has a passion for experimenting and implementing different styles in his illustrations and joined Inktober this year to get out of his comfort zone and to try to be more creative.

Check out more of Andrei’s work on Instagram.

Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones is an illustrator based in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a trained and practising industrial designer but has always loved doing illustration simply for the joy of it.

“Over the years I’ve dabbled here and there and worked on many personal illustration projects—most of which stalled out. Then I bought an iPad Pro and Affinity Designer and began pursuing my art in a more purposeful manner. The cost-effectiveness and capabilities of the Affinity products and the portability of the iPad have really taken down the barriers (or excuses!) that were keeping me from pursuing my personal creativity.”

“I primarily work in two very different styles: crisp flat vectors focused on simplifying and distilling forms, and more recently a clean illustrative style heavily influenced by the ligne-claire style of classic French comic artists like Herge and Moebius.”

“Like a lot of artists and illustrators, I have a not-so-secret desire to write and illustrate my own stories. So instead of cranking through a prompt list this year, I decided to use Inktober as a time to create a few illustrations to begin building the world and mood of a story I’ve been thinking about for some time.”

“It’s the first time I’ve used Affinity Photo so heavily (I typically work in Designer) and it’s proving to be a fantastic tool!”

You can follow Stephen’s work on Instagram and Artstation.

Renato Pedrina

Renato Pedrina is a 29-year-old creative from Paraguay. He has always loved to draw and studied drawing from a young age, moving to

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