The 10 Document Limit for Personal Use Explained in 7 Steps

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Since our recent announcement around the changes to Fusion 360 for personal use, one of the topics that we’ve heard come up over and over is how might the 10 document limit work. We’re seeing lots of speculation, confusion, and mis-interpretation of what the experience may be, so we want to take this opportunity to show you our work-in-progress. We also want to be transparent with you, so through this, we hope that we can provide you with some clarity around what to expect when the change happens early next year.

NOTE: This change has not happened yet – it is still work-in-progress. It is scheduled to go live in January 2021. Please see the original announcement blog post for more details.

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We all work in Fusion 360 differently, so when talking about the 10 document limit, it’s important to understand what we mean by “projects” and “documents”. Let’s begin by looking at the data panel.

What are projects

Projects, in the context of the data panel in Fusion 360, are top level folders that can contain sub-folders, documents, images, pdfs, spreadsheets, etc. You can name them, give them a thumbnail, and create as many projects as you want; there is no limit. To see all of your projects, make sure you are at the homepage view of the data panel.  

Once you double-click into a project from the data panel, you’ve entered that project and are able to access what’s inside. If you are inside a project, you should be able to click on the “Home” icon to get back to the homepage.

What are documents 

Documents are the things you create, and they live within a project. In this case, all the documents shown in the data panel live in a project called “Keqing’s stuff”. Each document has name, document type icon, thumbnail preview of what it is, last modified date, and a version number. 

There are 3 primary types of documents you should be aware of: Fusion Design, Fusion Drawing, and Fusion Electronics Design.  

Fusion Design is a document. 

This is a Fusion Design document. You can tell that it’s a Fusion Design by the thumbnail preview as well as the cube icon. When you double-click on a model document, the model opens in canvas, with its own document tab. 

Fusion Drawing is a document. 

This is a Fusion Drawing document. You can tell that it’s a drawing by the thumbnail preview and the drawing icon. When you double-click on a drawing document, the drawing opens in canvas, with its own document tab. 

Fusion PCB is a document. 

This is a Fusion 2D PCB document. You can differentiate it by the thumbnail and Fusion 2D PCB icon. When you double-click on the document, the 2D PCB document will open in canvas as its own document tab. 

What counts towards the 10 document limit: 

  • Fusion Design document  
  • A Fusion Drawing document  
  • A Fusion 2D PCB document

    What doesn’t count towards the 10 document limit: 

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