Apptivo’s Contact Center Solution – an Integrated Phone System

“It takes months to find a customer, seconds to lose one”, this quote by Vince Lombardi is an eye-opener to businesses on the importance of customer satisfaction. A higher success rate in lead conversion and customer retention are key factors for a long-running business. This can be achieved only when there is a balanced communication between the customers and the business.

As technology develops, the channels used for communication have undergone a number of changes. Companies now prefer setting up dedicated call centers to manage their customer base. IVRs, SMS, dashboards, and collaboration tools are some of the essential features looked upon by businesses before choosing a Call Center solution. Apptivo CRM software has taken the initiative to design a Contact Center application that offers all these comforts and many more options that are above the industry standards.

Detailed IVR Setup

The Contact Center application of Apptivo empowers businesses to determine their call flow. Customers get frustrated when they have to wait for a longer period or when their call is transferred through multiple agents. The Interactive Voice Response feature of Apptivo will certainly be a great asset for your business as it lets you pay attention to the smallest details that are normally skipped.

The IVR setup of Apptivo presents you with varied options. You can forward a call to a phone number, employee, team, or to a voicemail box. The Round Robin technique of Apptivo transfers the calls automatically to your agents depending on their idle time. The agent with the longest idle time is automatically picked by the Contact Center solution and the call is transferred. Apart from this, Apptivo also provides other features like Call Forwarding, Call Conferencing, Voicemails to bring your office setup online, and ensure the finest customer service.

Smart SMS Feature

Text messaging has become a common channel to convey the information or create a stable communication between individuals. While the conventional system of making phone calls is a great way to communicate, text messages give the receiver time to think and respond. It will not build up any pressure and text messages have been providing a proven higher response rate. The Messaging dashboard of Apptivo’s Contact Center application enables you to interact with your contacts from any device.

In addition to getting instant notifications, you also get to maintain your CRM database effortlessly. While receiving text messages from unknown numbers, you can create a contact in the CRM directly from the Messaging Dashboard. The Contact Center App will immediately recognize the contact when the phone number is already available in the Apptivo CRM database. When you are in other applications of Apptivo, you will be notified of incoming messages. The security access level feature restricts the accessibility of these text messages. Only those employees who have necessary permissions can view, initiate, or respond to the text messages.

Intuitive Collaboration Tools

An efficient call center is possible only when there is a suitable tool to absorb and analyze the calls. It is encouraged to audit the calls and text messages to improve the performance of your employees. A thorough analysis is made a reality with Apptivo’s advanced collaboration tools. These tools help to analyze your work queue live.

The Work Queue is developed after researching challenges faced by businesses while handling

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