Apptivo Suite of Apps: “Explore The Unexplored”

Businesses move to the Cloud to create an easily accessible and portable ecosystem where the data is readily available. The Cloud platform of Apptivo is a suite of 65+ integrated applications that allow businesses to make their work simpler and easier. Though there are so many popular applications in Apptivo like CRM Apps, Financial Apps, and Supply Chain Apps, there are other applications and features that have so much more to offer to your business. These applications and features redefine your business, letting your business to be innovative and stand out from the rest. Let’s walk through some interesting but less explored applications and features offered by Apptivo.

Contact Center

The Contact Center App is the newest addition to the Apptivo CRM Software allowing users to manage the interactions with the contacts, customers, or leads effortlessly. Be it Emails, Phone Calls, or Text messages – Apptivo has got it all covered. Personalized communication is not just our mere goal, but a vision made true in Apptivo. You can now interact with your contacts via calls or text messages instantly. Simply purchase a phone number in Nexmo and get to experience streamlined communication with Apptivo’s Contact Center App.

Apptivo’s Contact Center allows you to set up tailor-made IVR and manage the calls & text messages from any device. Reduce the waiting time of your customers and enable them to contact directly with the right person.

Streamlined IVR – The IVR configuration allows you to design the call tree using various call handling methods like Round Robin, Forward to Team, Forward to Employee, and many more. The call forwarding works based on the algorithm to transfer the call to the agent who has been idle for a longer time. SMS Dashboard – The SMS feature of the Contact Center App allows your employees to interact with your customers inside the Apptivo application. You can send and receive text messages without any time delay. If the phone number is already available in the database, then the contact information will be populated automatically. Tailor-Made Dashboards – You can monitor the calls live, track the call queue, and calls in the waiting list. Besides, you get to generate reports on the calls and text messages with advanced filters.

You might wonder if you have to switch to the Contact Center App every time to make a call or send a text message? Certainly No! Once you have added your Nexmo phone number, you can start making calls and send text messages from any applications across Apptivo. You will also be notified of incoming calls or text messages.

Electronic Signature (eSignature)

The introduction of E-Signatures has brought the world closer. Now, distance or time is not a constraint. Businesses are able to perform transactions from anywhere round the clock without any restrictions but still not compromising on the data security. The use of digital signatures has become very prominent in this technological era.

With Apptivo’s electronic signature feature, businesses can easily send estimates, invoices, work orders, or contracts to their customers for eSignature. If your documents are to be signed in a specific sequence, the sequential flow gets the documents signed as per your configured sequence. Both the sender and receiver will receive the document in their respective email address from where the

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