As we say goodbye to the month of October, we end it on a high note because of the amazing set of Staff Picks we have gathered. The continuously great work produced by this community made it difficult to narrow down our favourites to just a few, but we hope you find these selections as inspiring as we do. Continue to create, share, and push your boundaries; we are excited to see what is in store next! 

Congratulations to all those we highlighted this month!   


Every month we showcase our favorite finds on social media. 

We are always on the lookout for great examples of work created using SketchBook that demonstrate not only amazing techniques and creativity, but highlight the diversity of interests  of our incredible users as well as the many industries that rely on our app. 

If you are hoping to make it into our Staff Picks in the upcoming months, just keep drawing and simply tag #sketchbookapp or #sketchbookpro when you post on social media to help us discover your work. 

–  SketchBook team 












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