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The Coronavirus pandemic has changed how businesses employ their daily activities. While those incurring huge losses have decreased production, closed down least productive centers, and altered their business models, others deem these ways unfit for their practices.

The need of the hour for an SME is to move their business towards more technologically-driven tools and inculcate them into their day-to-day activities. SMEs should move a part of their business online earning through their eCommerce websites, social media pages, and setting up online stores.

Setting up online stores and eCommerce sites will save businesses from multiple areas of expenses and delays. With all business activities shifted online, employees can work from anywhere, provide better customer service, easily streamline themselves with new and constant updates.

Why Do You Need An eCommerce Website?

Building a fully-functional eCommerce site is the pressing priority for small and medium businesses to survive. The pandemic has struck numerous businesses and profits have gone down.

In such scenarios, finding a reliable source of income for a business is crucial. eCommerce sites can bring customers from all around the world, crossing the boundaries of regions and states. As per stats, there are over 2.05 billion people who regularly shop online. Implementing a business model, inclusive of chatbots, 24*7 customer service, and easy billing systems can leverage your trade and more than double your profits.

Building an eCommerce site also saves a lot of costs. You can move your entire business online utilizing the benefits of the Cloud. Employees can work remotely, without needing to be physically present in the offices. You can also reduce the number of staff to handle warehouse and stock-related updates. With access to all business-related activities and data from anywhere and in real-time, your business is sure to scale up.

Benefits Of Using an eCommerce Solution

Reports suggest that online sales have gone up by an astounding 55% since June 2019. In such a fast-paced and rapidly changing environment, you cannot afford to stay behind. While the majority of customers are shifting their buying habits to online, some other benefits of eCommerce solutions are maintaining less staff, easy access to data, increased profits, and pace of business.

Efficient eCommerce tools, such as the one from Apptivo, come with a very affordable pricing scheme. The cost of maintaining your store online is also economical as compared to running a physical store. Rent of the building, electricity, and other costs are also eliminated. The costs incurred to develop, run, and maintain an eCommerce website can easily be compensated for by the profits you earn.

Apptivo’s eCommerce Solution

Apptivo’s eCommerce tool makes the transition from a physical retail store to an online platform easy and smooth. Features like synchronization with your retail outlets, managing stocks in the warehouse, convenient billing and pricing, and organizing product data (including product images, descriptions, and price) are now available in one place. The eCommerce tool from Apptivo is easy to integrate with other apps for safe payment gateways, shipping and delivery services, and account management as well. So, no more shuffling between multiple apps, thanks to Apptivo.

The eCommerce solution

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