Making Origin safe and secure

Millions of gamers use the Origin platform to get the latest releases from Electronic Arts and its partners, communicate with other users, and stream directly to Twitch. If you are one of them, competing for glory in Battlefield, FIFA, Need for Speed, or other games from these developers, take a few moments to sort out the security and privacy settings. Doing so will make your gameplay more user-friendly and secure, so you can focus on winning. Here, we spotlight some neat options on EA’s platform and how to use them.

Important: You’ll find most of the security and privacy settings we cover here in your account on the EA website, not in the Origin client. To get there, hover over your user pic in the lower left corner of the main menu in the client or on the platform website and select EA Account and Billing from the pop-up menu to open your profile in the EA Customer Portal in a new browser tab.

How to protect your Origin account from hijacking

First, let’s take a look at how to protect your Origin account from getting hacked. All gaming accounts are prey to hackers, no matter how actively you play. So, as usual, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

How to change your Origin password

If your profile password is something like batman1998, it won’t be difficult for hackers to brute-force it. A good password is long and unpredictable. It should also be unique and not used anywhere else.

To change your Origin password:

In your account, click Security in the left-hand menu; Click Edit under Account Security; Click Send Security Code; In the window that opens, enter the code from the e-mail, and click Submit; Enter your old password and the new strong one (twice); Click Save. How to change the security question on Origin

A security question can be a good safety net in case you forget your password, but keep a few things in mind before relying on yours. First, if you manage to forget both your password and the answer to the question, you risk losing access to your account. Second, if the answer is easy to find — for example, if the question is, “What is your pet’s name?” and said pet features heavily on your Instagram feed — don’t be surprised if someone gets in and resets your password. Choose a question and answer (the questions are usually standard) that you will remember but can’t be googled.

To change your security question or answer on Origin:

Click Security in the left-hand menu; Click Edit under Account Security; Click Send Security Code; In the window that opens, enter the code from the e-mail and click Submit; Select the Security Question tab; Select a question from the drop-down list, and enter your answer.

Now, save that answer in a safe place — for example, in an encrypted note in Kaspersky Password Manager. Our application will also help you generate and securely store strong, reliable passwords.

How to set up two-factor authentication on Origin

Use two-factor authentication as an additional safeguard. That way, anyone trying to sign in from another computer — whether it’s you or a cybercriminal — will have to enter a one-time code that is sent to your e-mail or generated in an

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