Breaking Through Business Roadblocks — Don’t Get Tripped Up

Not all businesses are created equal but, one thing’s for sure, they’ve got some pretty similar obstacles in the beginning stages. Only one-third of businesses will see their 10-year anniversary. Don’t get tripped up. Here are some common roadblocks and how your business can crush them.

Lack of Money

Sometimes the roughest part of launching a startup is finding the funding to, well, start the business up. Welcome to America, the land of credit. If you’re not fond of the idea of going into debt because you’re not sure you can make up the interest and get ahead, then take a step back.

If you don’t believe in your business, who will? That alone will create roadblocks for yourself. Refuel your fire and hype yourself up. If you still not a fan of using credit, consider crowdfunding to find the money. Don’t let the dollar bill stop you from taking the leap. Scared money doesn’t make any money.

Another option is to bootstrap your business. For service-based businesses, bootstrapping your business is easier as opposed to product-based businesses. This is a great approach for a few reasons.

For starters, you are personally vested in the business, so you’ll be sure to grind even harder to make your company a success. Also, you’ll learn to work with less. Because you’ll be more protective of your bottom line, you’ll be sure to make the tight, financial business decisions that make sense to keep the company successful.

Short on Time

We’re all guilty of saying this next phrase one time or another: There isn’t enough time in the day. Talk about a terrible excuse for not succeeding with your business. 

The truth is, there will never be enough time. Don’t let time be a roadblock. Do what you can and outsource the rest. Hire on some added help or enlist the assistance of an intern.

If you feel like manpower isn’t what you need, take the 24/7 digital assistant route and get an end-to-end Customer Experience Management (CXM) software platform to simplify your tasks.

Having a CXM takes the pain out of running your business, saves you tons of time, and allows you to:

Clinging to Status-quo

We are creatures of habit so change can get uncomfortable, to say the least. You’ll want to get out of your habits and make sure you’re adapting to the things changing around you.

Perhaps you were raised in the age of newspaper ads and the idea of getting onto social media makes you twitch. Sorry, but it’s time you hop on board. People who adopt new practices early on get ahead. If you want to be a leader in your industry, you need to try something new and get innovative.

Slow Scaling

Growth. Everyone wants to see their business blossom to the point where it’s a full-time job and they can hire employees, find more clients and continue to build but. This can be rather difficult. Don’t be rushed to get through this roadblock, overspend and create more trouble for yourself.

If you’re looking to scale:

Identify the vision of your company. Constantly analyze where your business is to be sure you’re staying on course with the vision. Find

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