New Release: Imerge Pro 7

The wait is over! In just two years, Imerge Pro has become an essential tool in any photographer’s toolkit. The release of Imerge Pro 7 brings even more functionality to the world of still-image post-production.

Powerful new functionality like HDR merging, focus-stacking, and the ability to create and import custom layer-presets that utilize the endless possibilities made possible in Imerge Pro. Read on to find out more about these new features.

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HDR merging

Imerge Pro’s new HDR merging feature allows you to create stunning HDR images at the click of a button by combining multiple exposures for a more dynamic result. As with everything in Imerge Pro, the result is non-destructive, so you have full control over the final output if you want to make any changes.


The new focus-stacking tool allows you to combine images at multiple focusing-distances for end-to-end sharpness. This feature will be hugely beneficial for landscape and property photographers who need to work in low-light without compromising image detail, but the applications definitely don’t stop there.

Custom layer presets

We’ve added new preset functionality including presets for batch outputs, and layer presets, which can be used to automatically apply masks and effects to a layer when it is added.

Tone mapping

The Tone Mapping effect allows you to compress the tonal range of HDR images for use on non-HDR displays, whilst preserving local contrast – useful for repurposing HDR images for other formats.

As well as all of this, we’ve also significantly increased the decoding of FujiFilm RAW files, allowed you to import or export any preset, plus loads of other fixes. A whole new world of image processing awaits, click here to download.

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