How to drive green chemistry in specialty chemicals for ROI

Chemical manufacturing has an important part to play in the American economy. Specialty chemical revenues exceeded $60 billion in the U.S. in 2018.

As specialty chemicals are characterized by its heavy manufacturing base and large distribution networks, supply chains have been a critically affected component in the coronavirus landscape.

But any strategic supply chain decisions that chemical manufacturers make going forward must consider the long-term impact on the environment. Green chemistry offers opportunities for profit, revenue, and margin that outweigh the investment required.

With the right data, a CFO can clearly analyze the opportunities for green chemistry – the practice of greener chemicals, processes, and products.

In our guide ‘How to drive green chemistry in specialty chemicals,’ we will explore what chemical manufacturing CFOs need to know to create sustainable products, meet legislative and business aims, help their reputation, increase profit, and attract investment.

What you get

Topics covered in this guide include:

• What is the value of green chemistry?

• What rules and regulations do chemical manufacturers need to follow?

• Why does a sustainable supply chain matter?

• What are the barriers to supply chain change?

• How CFOs can drive sustainable change in chemical manufacturing

• What technology do you need to drive green chemical manufacturing?

• How traceability can help chemical manufacturers comply with regulatory change

• How chemical manufacturers can take action to become green

The only guide you need

The public expects chemical manufacturers to ensure that the chemicals they create and use in the processes are environmentally friendly. Chemical manufacturers will often have regulatory and legislative pressure, and a desire to drive sustainable change which will fit with a profitable business model.

We have the advice you need. Whether it is about understanding the regulations you need to meet, building a strategy to drive change in green manufacturing, or understanding the technology that could make your supply chains more efficient, CFOs will find valuable tips in ‘How to drive green chemistry in specialty chemicals.

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