KeyShot 10 Now Available

We’re very excited to introduce to you today, KeyShot 10. And it’s a big day for us and KeyShot users around the world. Today is the 10th anniversary of KeyShot, defining a decade of how people create 3D visuals. It has provided the ability to create photographic images and animations with ease and see the results in real-time. Looking ahead, we are committed to building KeyShot to help you create the best visuals in the decade to come.

Below is a quick look at the top features but if you like, feel free to hop over to the What’s New page for a look at even more or the What’s New Guide to learn how to use all the new features.

Delivering Visuals That Captivate

KeyShot 10 continues to fuel the next generation of visualization, with powerful digital creation tools combined with unparalleled ease of use. With the new features, KeyShot provides the ability to take product experiences to new heights, introducing more ways to animate ideas, experience creations, and supercharge workflows to deliver visuals that captivate. How would we sum up KeyShot 10?

KeyShot 10 adds new Keyframe Animation and other animation capabilities, new Smart Export options for output to full-color 3D prints, AR/Web interaction, and more, a new Light Manager and new tools for greater control over geometry and model, RealCloth 2.0 and improved Caustics for more realistic material and lighting, as well as improved Denoise and Firefly Filter for faster visual creation.

KeyShot 10 builds on Luxion’s advancements in rendering technology introduced over the years to continue innovation in material creation, accurate lighting representation, and streamlining of the complete product visualization workflow. In the end, our goal is to strengthen the foundation of visualization for designers, engineers, and 3D professionals around the world.

KeyShot 10 Overview

KeyShot 10 includes features and improvements that are focused on four specific areas – model and environment, workflow and user interface, materials and rendering, export and integration. Within these four areas, KeyShot 10 introduces an array of enhanced capabilities to complement their current workflow with new tools to strengthen the 3D visual creation.

Animation capabilities have been advanced with new ways to animate model, light, and camera. Smart Export introduces three new export options to prepare models for full-color 3D print and easily generate models for web, mobile, and AR.

User interface features bring new light management capabilities and faster ways to work with models in the Real-time View. Increased realism and speed are brought together in new material capabilities featuring a new dimension of fiber accuracy in RealCloth 2.0, faster converging caustics, with denoiser improvements and firefly removal to decrease the time to final render.

The new features in KeyShot 10 are tied together in the mission of accelerating the visual creation process to fuel the next generation of visualization, allowing 3D professionals around the world to take product experiences to new heights.

More Ways to Animate Ideas

KeyShot 10 offers more motion for every idea with increased control to create more advanced visuals and industry-leading ease of use to keep companies moving. Learn more about the new animation capabilities here.

Keyframe Animation allows users to add and adjust keyframes exactly where needed, along with the option to record sequences of keyframes for fast, complex motion visual creation.  Sun &

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