The Panda Has Landed — Introducing the All-New MindMeister (Beta)

With its 14th birthday fast approaching, we felt the time had come for us to give a very special present to MindMeisteran extensive upgrade with a brand-new look. Introducing: Project Panda! Sneak a peek at what’s new and find out how you can take part in the public beta. 

MindMeister is special, not just to us, but to almost 20 million users worldwide. When we launched the world’s first online collaborative mind mapping tool, little did we know that we would spark a revolution in the way individuals and teams — in businesses, schools and universities — would work together to develop their ideas. However, after literally millions of maps made and billions of ideas generated, an update was long overdue.

This leads us to our update: Project Panda. Over an extensive development process, we collected your feedback, feature requests and other wishes and combined them with our own vision for the future of digital mind mapping. The results of this journey are reflected in the revolutionary look and feel of the all-new MindMeister — Project Panda consists of dozens of important updates to the way MindMeister looks, works, and interacts with other programs. Let’s see what’s new and how you can contribute to improving the tool for everyone. 

Keep in mind that this is still a baby Panda: the beta version still needs a little work before it’s released to the wild, but with your help and honest feedback, we can turn our ambitious vision for digital mind mapping into a beautiful reality. Click here to sign up to the beta, then let us know what you think using the feedback section in the bottom right of the screen. Don’t worry if you forget something — you can leave feedback as often as you like.

What’s new in Project Panda?

Project Panda has been a massive undertaking guided by a clear vision: to make MindMeister a more attractive, intuitive place to work and study for everyone. To achieve this, we have worked extensively on the tool’s interface and feature, including a huge collection of exciting upgrades. 

Redesigned Editor Experience

At Meister, we believe in creating attractive, user-friendly tools that make work fun. Part of this process is constant improvement: while the existing MindMeister was smart and intuitive, Project Panda has drilled down even further on these ideals to create our slickest, most easy-to-use tool ever.

Our drive for ultimate usability starts in the map editor, which has undergone a significant facelift for the update. We’ve removed a fair few buttons and menus to leave more space for your ideas. Most significantly, we’ve substituted the old “pop-out” styling panel for a slicker, in-line context menu bar that means you never lose focus on your ideas. Simply select a topic to open a new world. 

What’s new?

Our new, improved editor makes MindMeister a more pleasant place to work.

Cleaner, clearer user experience. Fewer distractions and more space for ideas. Intuitive, in-line context menu. Customize and style your topics without ever having to look away.  Quick access to topic addons. The option to add images, attachments, comments, and notes is now available directly on each topic via the context menu bar. Streamlined feature set. Not all of the classic MindMeister features have been implemented

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