6 Influencer Marketing Strategies to Boost End-of-Year Sales

At this time of the year, you might be probably sitting on your mid-century desk with the accounts book opened, calculating how much you made this year. While looking at the figure and the time left before the year ends, are you pondering about ways to boost your end of year sales? If so, then you have arrived on the right page!

Below, we have articulated information about the most effective method to double that figure, which is influencer marketing. Continue reading to unravel more about influencer marketing and the best strategies!

The Basics of Influencer Marketing Strategy

Did you know approximately 3.8 billion people use social media this year (2020)? It is more than half of the world’s population! 

And, on this social media, some individuals can persuade people about a certain topic, bring importance to the particular niche, and gather a community around it. These people get called influencers, or to be precise, social media influencers.

Now, influencer marketing refers to boosting your brand’s sales through an influencer. As the influencer has a good following, he has gathered an audience with interests in a specific niche. A brand can use this influence as a channel to reach out to a concentrated target audience.

However, the brand must select an ideal influencer and establish a good relationship. When selecting, never choose a celebrity and do not judge by the number of followers.

The reason behind this is simple. People following a celebrity is because of them, and not the niche. And, the number of followers is not always organic (remember, paid campaigns exist too). 

So, how should you select the ideal influencer? Well, the ideal influencer must have a following between 1000-10000 followers. The audience must be small, niche-oriented, and highly-engaged. 

Concisely, influencer marketing is an efficient method to boost end-of-year sales as it holds the potential generate up to 60% more revenue. 

Strategies that Actually Work

Now, you are aware of the mechanism and fundamentals of influencer marketing. Let’s discuss the top 6 strategies to implement influencer marketing quickly and effectively. Read more! 

1. Introduce Affiliate Programs 

The affiliate programs are the most commonly used influencer marketing strategy to date. Why? 

It is because the influencer gets a commission on all the sales made through his influence. This particular commission is a percentage of the sale driven by their influence. Hence, the higher the sales, the more commission the influencer gets.

Plus, getting compensated for an effort makes the individual feel more responsible for the act. The influencer is likely to genuinely put his heart into generating sales instead of doing inefficient promotion.

However, ensure that the influencer you select for the job truly endorses the brand. You see, the audience and potential buyers can identify when a person is fake selling or truly recommending a product. The affiliate marketing program involves a mutual agreement between the influencer and the brand. 

2. Generate some Special Codes

Have you ever seen influencers offering a code to their audience with their name in it? Well, those are the special codes we are talking about. 

In this strategy, you generate a unique code for the influencer and provide them. No, you do not require a fancy touch screen monitor or special equipment for code generation. You can

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