How to Speed Up and Slow Down Clips

Looking for the best speed up video app to edit your videos? We will discuss a few in this article. Whether you are using your mobile — like an iPhone or Android — or on a laptop; we have several solutions for you!

Ramping the speed of your clips up or down can add an awesome effect to your videos. Especially if you combine both slow-motion and fast motion effects- it can give off a bit of Hollywood style. Alternatively, you can drastically speed through a long clip to create a cool time lapse effect. In order to learn several techniques on how to achieve this effect, we first must learn about video speed and why it can impact your clips.

Video Speed

Video speed is the rate at which video is captured per second. Without getting too technical, most cameras capture at nearly 30 frames per second (29.97 to be exact.) This was a legacy from broadcast frequency and video formats that differentiated around the globe. When a video is captured at 30 frames per second (fps) or higher, you can capture as much micro-movement detail as possible. Therefore, when slowed down you can really get a fluid and smooth slow-motion video.

In contrast, if you are trying to achieve the “cinematic movie look,” you should be capturing at 24fps. This creates a slower capture. The human eye sees at between 30-60fps so less frames gives your footage a less realistic and more dramatic look. . In fact, the slower the frame rate the more dramatic a clip can get. Slo-mo anyone?

Slow Motion & Time Lapse Video What is Slow Motion?

If you aren’t familiar with slow motion, it’s simply the effect in which time appears to be slowed down in a video. This is traditionally achieved by capturing frames at a rate much faster than it will be played back. When replaying back at normal speed, time appears to be moving more slowly. This can also be achieved by slowing down a video clip to play back at a reduced speed. This is achieved in a video editing program that generates extra frames in the video to create the effect of slowing down the action in the clip. This will make a clip’s playback time longer.

What is a Time Lapse?

In contrast, a time lapse aims to drastically reduce the time during a video clip. This is traditionally done by capturing frames at a much slower rate and playing them back at a faster rate. As opposed to adding frames, with time lapse a video editing software will remove frames per second to create the effect of faster action in a clip. It works exceptionally well for extremely long clips to make time go by quickly. For instance, using time lapse to reduce a sunrise (or sunset) to a few seconds versus minutes can add a compelling effect to your videos.

Now that we understand how slow motion and time lapses work, let’s get into the different apps and how to use them to speed up or slow down your video clips.

How to change video speed: Online

Without having to download an app or install software, you can use a site like Kapwing to change the speed of your clips. This is a nice solution if

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