New Release: Imerge Pro 8

The new Imerge Pro 8 is here and has been jam-packed with a multitude of new features, feature enhancements, and workflow improvements. This release brings even more functionality helping you bring your images to life. Read on to find out more about what this release has to offer.

Advanced retouching tools

You can easily retouch, repair, and remove imperfections from your images with Imerge’s new retouching tools.

Healing brush

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The Healing Brush effect enables you to intelligently heal any part of an image, using another part as a source. Holding the Alt key, Simply select a source point by clicking on the image and start brushing.

Clone stamp

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At the click of a button, you can precisely clone sections of your image using our smart Clone Stamp tool. Just select a source point by clicking on the image with the Alt key held and start brushing.

These customizable effects also have controls to scale, mirror, and rotate the healing or cloning, giving you more control over how the image is affected. 

Dynamic Contrast

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Independently adjusting the fine, medium, and large-scale details of your image is easier than ever with our Dynamic Contrast effect. This effect is perfect for smoothing out skin details (especially when paired with brush masks).

Advanced Color Grading tools

In addition to Imerge Pro’s mighty toolkit consisting of Curves, a Saturation Editor, and Color Adjustment to name a few, Imerge Pro 8 offers 2 new advanced color grading tools.

Split Toning effect

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The Split Toning effect rapidly reduces the time taken to map two different colors to the highlights and shadows in your image. 

Combined with our intuitive interface, visualizing color harmony is effortless with the built-in color wheel. This harmony can be ‘locked’ so you can shift the hue of one color and preserve a complimentary pair by automatically shifting the other – saving you time and effort. 

Gradient Map effect

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You can painlessly apply color grading and create stylized images with our Gradient Map effect. This creative tool allows you to create even more advanced cinematic color effects, mapping up to 16 color points –  each with balance controls and full RGBA color inputs – to different tones in your image. This effect is fully customizable as you can adjust the blend mode and global opacity for even more results.

This is perfect for creating stylistic, colorized designs and carrying out localized color replacement (when paired with vector masks or brush masks).

Canon CR3 RAW file support

Canon users will be elated to hear that you can now use standard Canon CR3 RAW files directly in Imerge. 

Better text, quicker

Typographical design is easier than ever with our enhanced text system, allowing you to have different fonts and styling within the same block of text. We’ve also added additional options such as outline, subscript, superscript, margins, and more.

Individual controls reset

Individual controls can now be reset by clicking the label name once. In addition, labels will be highlighted if their associated control has been changed. 

Ability to downsample the project view

The project view can be downsampled to improve performance when working on large projects (without affecting exports).

As well as all of these powerful new features, Imerge

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