Designing for Laser Cutting and Etching

What is laser cutting?  Laser cutting and etching is a precise method that uses a high-power, thin, and focused laser beam to cut through various kinds of materials such as wood, glass, paper, metal, plastic, among others. The process uses a CNC router (Computer Numerical Control, a computer-controlled cutting machine) to dictate the movement of the laser beam on the chosen material according to a pattern.   On this video you can see an example of the laser-cutting…Read More

Autodesk and Airtable: making life better for people who make things

Autodesk needed to streamline operations across their technology centers. When they introduced Airtable, something surprising happened: it brought the company closer together.If you’re an architect, engineer, manufacturer, or digital effects designer, you’ve used Autodesk software. Creators of household names like AutoCAD, Revit, Maya, and Fusion360, Autodesk is a giant in…Read More

The email marketing launch checklist: 8 things to double-check before hitting send

There are moments in your professional life when panic overwhelms you—moments when you feel as if someone threw a cold blanket over your shoulder while whispering, “you are in big trouble.” When you open an email you sent to your marketing list and see something that’s glaringly wrong—an important link…Read More

That’s a Wrap! Check Out Our Thryv Connect20 Recap

It was an eventful couple of days at Thryv Connect20. Thryv hosted dozens of speakers, industry professionals and Thryv experts to bring together the small business community. We shared inspiration, advice, strategy tactics, insider tips and more. If you registered and missed any of the sessions, log into the Connect20…Read More