How To Start A Gaming Channel for Free

Do your friends hit you up for the best Minecraft strategies? Have you racked up an ungodly number of hours on Steam?

Whether you love building castles or executing the perfect stealth attack — you may be wondering (and your parents may be asking), “what else could you be doing with those skills?” Answer: starting a gaming channel on YouTube.

Becoming a YouTube gamer is (ironically) not all fun and games. It takes passion, patience, and a very particular set of video editing skills to create a successful gaming channel.

Here we cover the basic steps involved in starting a gaming channel — from choosing your content to securing equipment and, finally, to editing and uploading your videos.

If you’ve already recorded your gaming videos and are ready to upload, skip this piece and learn how to jumpstart your channel’s growth on YouTube with better video edits, channel art, and SEO optimization.

Now, let’s get to the first step of starting a gaming YouTube channel —

1) Pick a game you feel passionate about

Whether it’s a first-person shooter or a simulation RPG— choosing games you like to play will help you create content from a place of passion and enthusiasm. If Call of Duty is your thing, go for it. If picking fruit in Stardew Valley really gets you excited — then get ready to reap what you sow.

Don’t judge what you love, follow it, and see it where it leads. Enthusiasm is contagious. If you love what you’re doing, your viewers are going to love it too.

2) Decide what type of gaming videos you want to produce

Whether you’re interested in doing a Game Grumps-style game commentary or the best strategies for Counter-Strike, choosing your gaming channel’s style is an important first step in defining your brand. This decision will affect not only the type of content you create — but how you communicate with your viewers. Here are some of the most popular types of gaming videos on YouTube:

Let’s Play videos are the most popular gaming videos on YouTube. They usually include game commentary from yourself and/or a group of players. Let’s Play videos can be serious, but are most often humorous or entertaining.

Walkthrough/How-To’s/Tips videos help newbie or less-experienced gamers with particularly challenging parts of a game. According to YouTube stats, 74% of YouTube gamers say they watch gaming videos to get better at a game.

Expert Analysis videos explore multiple aspects of a game like storyline, characters, production history, or in-depth discussion of a new release.

Game Review videos give your viewers a chance to hear your thoughts on new game releases, events in the gaming industry, and major news surrounding your game.

Reaction videos show players reacting to events that happen within the game such as plot point or plot twist in the story or discovering a hidden element of the game.

Secrets/Easter Eggs videos that reveal hidden aspects of a game and/or help players work through them. Think hidden quests, letters, and secret levels

Pro tip: Can’t decide which type to pick? You don’t have to! Create your own style of gaming videos using a combination of any of the above OR design a style that’s completely unique to you. There are no limits to what you can do.

3) Find and research your gaming niche

There are likely hundreds

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