Apptivo Product Updates as of November 23, 2020

Welcome back to the latest edition of Apptivo’s product updates. Notably, we’ve enhanced our recent Google Map integration and have streamlined our sequential order conversion in CRM apps. Summary Table has been further optimized to maximize the user experience in this update. In addition, other features have been prioritized and enhanced to provide a top-notch experience with an integrated user interface.

Updates and Enhancements Google Map Check Pin Customization Contact Centers’ SMS Notifications Accounting Calendar Update in Sales Planning App Recurring Work Orders Closure Time Calculation Reports in Cases App E-Signing Attributes in Estimates Sequential Order alignment in Leads App Google Map Check Pin Customization

Recently, we have developed Google Map Integration, and in this update, we have further enhanced the feature with Google Map Check Pin customization to view the desired fields in the Map View. Through this, you can view desired information of your Leads, Opportunities, Customers, by simply hovering over a particular location. We also have provided a “customize” option to add any desired fields to be displayed in a particular Google Map Check Pin. For more details click here.

Contact Centers’ SMS Notifications

SMS Notifications are introduced in the Contact Center application to get instant updates on the SMS arrival that allows users to respond to the customers prominently. We have supported calling a webhook URL as a notification on incoming messages. You can send data from one application to another in real-time while a certain action is initiated by using the Webhook methods. Henceforth, you can call the webhook URL to get customer information in real-time while receiving SMS from the customers. For more information, click here.

Accounting Calendar Update in Sales Planning App

The Ledger App from Apptivo helps you to monitor the actual expenditures and financial reports of a business over several timescales. You can create and manage the accounting calendar of your fiscal year according to your needs. In this update, the accounting calendar feature applies to the Sales Planning app to display and schedule business strategies based on your current fiscal year. The Ledger app lets you create and map the accounting calendar directly to the legal entities and display these adjustments on the Sales Planning app. Click here for more details.

Recurring Work Orders

Apptivo Work Orders enable you to manage and dispatch resources conveniently to address customer complaints and offer a platform for workers to monitor time and material used to resolve each order. We have enhanced the Work Orders app with the Recurring Work Orders feature to automate redundant activities. With that, you can configure your recurring work orders to create and assign tasks automatically based on the scheduled dates. In addition, you can also customize the recurring work orders based on employee privileges. Read more.

Closure Time Calculation Reports in Cases App

Apptivo’s Cases Summary reports provide better insights on Agents performance based on different aggregation types like Count, Sum, and Average. The Summary Reports will allow users to calculate the average closing time of the cases by employees. Mainly, it lets you track the average time taken by the employee to close the cases. Through this, you can easily track the efficiency of the employee and obtain statistics on the performance of your business. To get the average closure time, you need to

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