How to Do a Social Media Detox as a Marketer

How many hours a day do you spend scrolling? Bouncing between likes, comments, clicks, and a never-ending stream of content, it’s easy to spend countless hours on social media—especially if you’re a marketer by profession. 

While the average adult may spend upwards of 144 minutes on their mobile apps, those numbers only increase for digital marketers. Instead of simply consuming content, you’re likely responsible for creating and distributing it as well, in addition to engaging and supporting your social communities. 

While social media is a powerful tool, in both our business and personal lives, it’s also important to take a step back for a little detox. Here’s how you can enjoy a social media detox without letting your job or work suffer.

The Risks of Social Scrolling

Before we unpack the “how,” of doing a social media detox, it’s important to address the, “why.” Continuous scrolling on social media doesn’t just affect our productivity. Negative feedback, not getting “enough” likes and the sheer volume of content we consume can all lead to stress, according to Everyday Health.

The thing is, constant stress, whether it’s from personal or professional social media use, can be dangerous. In How to Free Yourself From Stress, health experts at HealthMarkets suggest that the problem is when stress becomes chronic. They explain:

“In cases like these, the constant physiological response wears us down, affecting several major biological systems. Our stores of energy drain. Our bodies produce fewer infection-fighting T-cells, so our immune systems become weak, making it easy for illnesses and diseases to push their way into our lives.”

The goal of your social media detox is to mitigate this stress so you can do your job and enjoy the positive effects of social media without a negative impact.

Detoxing in a Digital World

When the world, and your career, rely on digital interactions, it’s not always realistic to delete your Facebook and Instagram—and your family or boss wouldn’t appreciate that solution, either. Instead, use these six simple, yet effective, methods to do a social media detox, even as a marketer, while staying on top of the latest trends:

1. Audit Your Apps

Are you using every app on your phone? While it may seem tedious, review the social media apps you currently have and delete those that you rarely use. If it’s not essential for your job, and you don’t frequently engage with its content, that app is only going to cause stress with unnecessary notifications about new posts and updates.

Bonus: that app is probably also taking up storage space on your phone that you need for photographs or videos for work posts. Ultimately, the more you declutter your digital space, the better you’ll be able to hone in on what’s essential for your attention and what is not.

You can even use apps to silence your social media apps during certain times of day and week, which can help you keep all your apps while reducing stress. Check out these social media blocking apps to find one for your needs.

2. Curate Your Feed

What we consume is just as important as how often we consume it. As social media users, whether for professional or personal purposes, we are in control of what fills our feed. If you notice that plant-experts

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