Pinkfong’s Baby Shark: Teaching children to wash their hands

How do you spread public health awareness among children during a global pandemic? It’s easy when you have an irresistible song and an agile content creation pipeline. Find out how Pinkfong uses Unity.

With more than 7 billion views, “Baby Shark,” a catchy children’s song recorded by SmartStudy, the company behind the global preschool brand Pinkfong, is the most-watched video on YouTube. Pinkfong consistently sparks innovation in content creation, and Unity has played a supporting role. Pinkfong has been developing apps with Unity since 2018, releasing apps of high quality to the market in remarkable timeframes. We recently spoke with the Motion Capture Team and the Interactive Team of Pinkfong – they all call each other by nicknames to foster better communication at work and keep the corporate culture more agile. We talked about their content creation pipeline and how Unity helps them meet their goals.

Content planners can create videos directly

The Motion Capture Team at Pinkfong uses motion capture data to create 3D content. Their research informs their projects, and Fong Fong Club, an animated children’s “radio show,” demonstrates the latest developments. Check out the team’s session on using Unity to establish a video content creation pipeline at Unity’s Industry Summit 2019 in South Korea.  Previously the team explored using Unity for creating 2D content, which led to the adoption of a new 2D creation model that was also used for Fong Fong Club.

The team used Live2D animation software (usually used for games) to create animation clips. These were imported into Unity and put together in the Editor by using common backgrounds (like a studio), overlapping clips with Timeline and Cinemachine, using set motions to make the camera move naturally, and taking advantage of other Unity features. Essentially the team devised a new process whereby anyone could assemble internal video resources and create new content – you don’t need to be a professional animator or video creator. 

According to Pinkfong Technical Artist Wasang, their content planners were able to create a 13-minute video in two days, in large part because the planners could directly materialize their ideas. In other words, productivity and work efficiency were enhanced by reducing the need for communication.

Even content planners can create videos using Presets.

Having produced a serviceable Fong Fong Club video in such a short time, the team clearly sees the value and efficiency in using Unity in 2D content creation. 

Unity also helped Pinkfong take quick action in response to changes in the world. For example, they created hand-washing songs as part of COVID-19 pandemic public health awareness in only two days – from filming the choreography to creating the video. As the process didn’t require any data to be sent externally and minimized the rendering time and cost, they were able to finish it internally with a small team. In the past, this kind of work would have required some parts to be outsourced.

Adding a 3D character to live action videos

The Motion Capture Team also produces videos featuringPinkfong, the pink fox, visiting various tourist spots in South Korea. The idea is for the character to tour locations that physically exist, which means that the job requires adding a 3D character to live action footage.

The main difference between creating 2D

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