Here’s What the Future Of SEO Looks Like for the Next 5 Years

SEO moves fast. 

Fail to keep on top of the latest Google updates and SEO news, and you’re at risk of falling off the face of the search results pages. 

And given that 53% of all website traffic comes from organic search (according to BrightEdge) that’s a losing strategy if your website’s success is key for your business. 

But how do you differentiate between a flash in the pan and a fundamental change to the way search works?

To help you out, here’s our pick of the SEO trends you need to be watching if you want to succeed with search over the next five years.

5 SEO Trends You Need To Be Watching

A lot is sure to change in SEO in the coming years. 

But there are five trends worth keeping an eye on above all the rest:

1. User Experience (UX)

User Experience (UX) is a catch-all term for the overall experience a visitor has while browsing your site or using your product.

It has a huge impact on how your brand is perceived and directly affects your site’s search performance. 

Deliver a poor UX and people aren’t likely to stick around on your site for long, sending a clear signal to Google that you aren’t serving searchers’ needs. 

The end result? You sink down the search results for your target keywords.  

For an example of how crucial UX is to your business’s success, look no further than Google’s homepage. 

Here’s what it looked like in 1998:

And here’s Yahoo’s homepage from the same year:

Despite Yahoo predating Google by two years, Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s search engine provided users with a much more streamlined UX. 

And Google has only continued to make its product as easy to use as possible: 

It’s no wonder which company went on to dominate online search. 

For an idea of what impact improving your UX could have, look no further than how much a website redesign improved Truffle POS’s SEO

Follow our tips on bringing your UX to the next level to help ensure you stay on top of this trend in years to come.  

 2. Link Building

Link building has been an incredibly important Google ranking factor since the early days of SEO, and it’s not set to go anywhere anytime soon. 

Relevant and authoritative backlinks are always going to be one of the surest signs of a site’s quality in Google’s eyes. And it will always prioritize the highest quality sites in its search results. 

What’s set to be a huge SEO trend over the next five years is how sophisticated Google is set to become at differentiating between natural, quality links that deserve to pass authority and those that don’t. 

A key factor going forward is going to be link relevance, which Google is becoming increasingly sophisticated at analyzing. 

In the coming years, a link from an authoritative site that operates in a completely different niche may not be worth nearly as much as it was in years gone by.

So it’s going to pay to build your link building strategy around acquiring relevant links rather than simply shooting for sites with the highest authority. 

A great way to earn highly relevant links is to create linkable assets that you can outreach

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