Real-Time Design Collaboration

The Gravit Designer team proudly presents the new feature that is a perfect fit for teams and sharing your design work: Real-Time Collaboration. 

Collaboration workflow 

With this new feature, you and your team-mates can collaborate on design files, leaving comments and annotations on your work in real-time using the new Comments panel, located next to the Inspector panel on the right side of the UI. 

After your file is saved to the Gravit Cloud, you can use the new Share dialog to send your work to the rest of your team. On this new dialog, besides creating a sharing link, it’s now possible to assign a dedicated role to collaborators, and create a separate private link, with a separate user role. The file owner can now also invite guests with no Gravit Designer account, where the guest receives an email and can directly access the file without logging in.  

The roles you can assign are: Viewers, who can only see the file, without being able to add comments, save or export; Developers can inspect elements, save a copy or download the file, and export; Reviewers can add comments and annotations; and Approvers can comment, reopen and approve a file (more about this process later in this article). You can also set the role to No Access to block the access from everyone with an existing link. 

Users with access to the file can leave comments using any of the six annotation tools available on this panel: Notes, Arrows, Highlighter, Pen, Rectangle or Ellipse. Each selected tool has its own color or line-width adjustments available: 

Collaborators accessing the file are shown in real-time, with the avatars placed at the top-right next to the Share button. You can also see, in real-time, when collaborators are adding annotations or comments. 

The file owner and collaborators can interact through the comments section. Every comment and answer have its own options, that allow to Resolve, which “archives” the comment, edit the comment, and Copy Permalink, to share a specific comment with other users. The Comments panel has its own general options: Show resolved and Resolve all

On the comments section it’s possible to mention specific users by typing an “@” sign, followed by the name or email address. This also allows to mention specific “roles”, such as the file owner or all approvers, or mention everyone with access to the file. 

New comments are indicated in real time, showing as a magenta-colored badge on the panel tab if the user is accessing the Inspector panel. Such new comments are highlighted as well. 

Below the commenting tools the Approval flow can be initiated, whereby the file owner, Reviewers and Approvers can change the current status between In ReviewReopenedRequest Approval and Approved. It’s also possible to check the whole Status history. 

Finally, all collaboration actions such as new comments, replies, mentions, invitations and resolved comments are notified to all users involved via email. 

In short… 

After this overview of the whole Collaboration workflow, it’s easy to see why this new feature is a huge deal for large or small teams, freelancers and any users in need to share their work. With a familiar and intuitive interface, it can be used to streamline the communication between team members, with a straight-forward approval flow and a robust notification system.  

The Real-time collaboration is entirely available for the new Touch version as well. For a full overview of all the new features, improvements, and bug fixes in 2020-1.3, please see our changelog (link) or check out the full release article

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