How to Use Customer Data to Improve Your Relationship with Repeat Buyers

We all know marketing is the lifeblood of the enterprise. It’s how we get business, after all. 

But, in our mad scramble to get as many customers as possible, we often forget to nurture the existing ones. 

That’s just too big a mistake to ignore. Did you know that 91% of customers prefer to shop from brands that recognize them? 

Also, 65% of your business is likely to come from existing clients. And, let’s not forget that acquiring a new customer is 5 times more expensive than selling to an existing one. 

Your current client base can be your most valuable asset. But, getting the most out of those repeat buyers is easier said than done. 

What are their problems, tastes, and preferences? What digital mediums do they prefer? What’s the best time to reach out to them? 

You will need to answer all of these questions and many more if you want to take your customer relationship to the next level. 

Below, we’ve highlighted five ways to do just that. 

1. Install a Good Website Analytics System

Let’s start with the basics. Your website should have a good analytics system running behind it. Google Analytics is the most widely used tool here. But, there’s also Kissmetrics, Amplitude, and Big Picture that have a good following. 

We recommend Google Analytics, as it has the most support and publicly available knowledge. While the suite has many features, it’s customer journey visualization will prove most useful here. 

A customer journey tells you how your customers are acting when on your website. Over time, you should begin to see trends emerge. 

For example, some of your content and/or products may be more popular than others. You should also see common pathways users take from entering your website to leaving it.

Have a ChatBot or Chat Box on Your Site

Customers often spend time on your site but leave without doing much. This adversely affects your website bounce rate, which can in turn hurt your online standing. 

The most common reason customers leave is that they didn’t get the information they were looking for. There are a bunch of ways you can make sure this never happens.

The best and most foolproof method here is to add a chatbot or chatbox to your website. This ensures that a customer can always ask specific questions directly instead of searching for answers. 

Chatbots can be especially useful for online retailers. Shoppers will have many questions that text descriptions can’t answer. A chatbot can help you out there. 

Here’s how Agiftpersonalized does it:  

Notice how inconspicuous the chat box is. Not to mention how it naturally blends in with the rest of the site. That’s important. Your chat boxes should never get in the way of your users. 

Ideally, you want someone to open the chat box after they have exhausted regular site-based options. 

2. Use Data to Personalize Customer Experience

You should have a ton of data about your existing customers. But, how can you use that data to improve customer retention? 

Here are a few ideas:

The first order of business will be to segment your users. Segmenting customers allows you to organize them by shared aspects. This, in turn, helps you create more targeted content to give a better, more

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