Get Out There: 9 Reasons to Join an Industry Organization

All the reasons you should join an industry organization (and taking your business to the next level in the process).

As a small business owner, you want to continually be growing yourself, your team and your business. And one of the best ways to do that? Join an industry association.

While some business owners may think that industry associations are for professionals at the beginning of their careers, the truth is, these organizations offer a huge variety of benefits.

But the question is what, exactly, do industry associations have to offer established business owners—and how can they help your business?

Let’s take a look at nine reasons you should consider joining an industry association (and how your membership can help take your business to the next level).

1. Expand Your Network With Like-minded Professionals…

When you’re running and growing a business, it’s not just what you know that can help make you successful. Who you know can be just as important.

Industry associations are a great way to connect with contacts within your industry—and, in particular, to connect with other business owners. Having relationships with other business owners in your industry can add huge value to your company; because they know the ins and outs of what it’s like to run a business in your specific field—and have experienced many of the same highs and lows you have—they can be a great sounding board for exploring new ideas, working through challenges, or helping you grow your business (for example, by sharing their experience or by introducing you to industry contacts).

2. …and Potential Star Players for Your Team

Industry associations are a great place to connect with other business owners. But they can also be a great place to connect with great talent within your industry.

If someone joins an industry association, chances are they’re committed to learning and growing within that industry—and that level of commitment to growth and education can be a huge asset to your company. Joining an industry association, attending events and connecting with talent can be a great way to scout potential talent for your organization—and identify the next star player you want to bring onto your team.

3. Connect With (or Be) a Mentor

Industry associations have members at every stage of their career, from junior employees just getting started to industry veterans who have built thriving, successful businesses. No matter where you are in your business, chances are your industry association will have members that are both not as far and much further in their career journey than you are.

And with such a wide spectrum of talent represented, industry associations offer an excellent chance for mentorship—either as a mentor or as a mentee.

Depending on your needs, joining an industry association can connect you with more experienced business owners that can act as a mentor—or you can make yourself available to mentor new business owners or more junior members. Either way, it’s a great way to either give or receive support, advice and mentorship from other players in your industry.

4. Grow As a Business Owner

Most industry associations offer a variety of educational opportunities, from industry-specific training to more general workshops on skills that can help you become a stronger business owner (like public speaking, sales, or

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