How to Launch on Product Hunt: What We Learned from 30+ Launches

Way back in 2014, we first tried our hand at launching on Product Hunt with an early version of Process Street. It got featured, but that was a different time; when Product Hunt’s staff manually selected each product feature (these days Product Hunt claims that an automated algorithm decides).

It was hunted (Product Hunt lingo for “promoted”) by Audrey Melnik of Funnel Ventures, didn’t even have a maker (another Product Hunt termin for the creators of a product), yet still found its way to the front page of Product Hunt.

Six years, a couple of relaunches, and a $12 million Series A on from that humble effort, Process Street has changed a fair bit. We’ve shipped over 30 products on Product Hunt; from podcasts, new Process Street feature launches, to whole product launches, to eBooks.

Some of them were great successes, with multiple top 4 spots and a whole bunch of front-page features. Others weren’t so great; some garnered next to no traction and were essentially dead-on-arrival.

The point of this article is to impart some of the lessons we’ve learned, from common myths and misconceptions, to what worked well for us (and what didn’t work so well).

Here’s a breakdown of what I’ll be covering:

Why you should care about Product Hunt Common misconceptions about Product Hunt launches How to prepare for a Product Hunt launch (free checklist) Key takeaways: How to have a successful Product Hunt launch

Let’s start with the basics, which often get taken for granted when it comes to deciding whether or not to launch on Product Hunt.

Why should you care about Product Hunt?

Quick answer: Because they have a huge platform and are a go-to location for tech enthusiasts to geek out about new products.

Or, in their own words:

“Product Hunt surfaces the best new products, every day. It’s a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations.” – Product Hunt, from their “about” page

According to Ahrefs, Product Hunt sees an average monthly organic search traffic of about 575,000 visits.

The figures above are just estimates for the top 100 organic search results; they don’t account for additional non-organic traffic sources (so only represent a fraction of the total monthly traffic).

But, such traffic estimates are often just that – estimates – so let’s look at what SEMrush has to say:

Quite a considerable variance, but this is probably due to Ahrefs only looking at the top 100 organic search results. The many, many organic results past the first 100 will no doubt make up for that additional ~500k visits.

Finally, Mert Aktas’ userguiding article on Product Hunt shows that in total, Product Hunt sees over 8 million monthly visits:

It’s also worth mentioning that Product Hunt operates a healthy Twitter account as well as a regular newsletter – both of which serve as channels to signal boost the lucky products they choose to feature.

All in all, for a free platform designed to help you share and promote your new products, that’s a pretty big deal. In simple terms, that means a potential audience of millions of Product Hunt users waiting to see your product.

So how do you

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