3DEXPERIENCE World 2021 Technical Sessions: Champion-Approved


You find a quiet area in the concourse. You shuffle through your backpack in search of your 3DEXPERIENCE World event program. Your eyes scan the user agenda section for the upcoming time slot. You’re careful to ensure the next session touches on either 3D Sculptor (containing xShape) or <span data-cmtooltip='Visit Solidworks‘ class=”glossaryLink”>SOLIDWORKS assembly design workflows, two topics of keen interest on your quest to gain knowledge to take back to your company while at World.

This year, this all-too-familiar, session-finding workflow will be a bit different. With 3DEXPERIENCE World 2021 going fully virtual this year, you might find yourselves looking for sessions while drinking your morning (or afternoon) coffee at the kitchen table. Or, perhaps, while helping your children get set up to take in their own virtual learning sessions.

Surely, many of us are in temporary moments of change. And change, while it can be scary and challenging, can sometimes be exciting. When things are turned upside down, it gives you a moment to pause and reconsider how you’ve been doing things – and how you might look to build on new, promising methods.

With 3DEXPERIENCE World 2021, we’re definitely taking that approach, both in ways that have been announced and some really cool ways that have yet to be announced. One of these things I’m excited to bring to your attention today was sourced directly by the outstanding level of skill and involvement embodied by our SOLIDWORKS Champions Program members.

The <span data-cmtooltip='Visit Solidworks‘ class=”glossaryLink”>SOLIDWORKS Champions Program consists of educational content creators, STEM program founders and volunteers, <span data-cmtooltip='Visit Solidworks‘ class=”glossaryLink”>SOLIDWORKS User Group Leaders, and more. The list is endless in terms of how these industry-level, impressively certified members of our community affect the entire design and engineering ecosystem through their <span data-cmtooltip='Visit Solidworks‘ class=”glossaryLink”>SOLIDWORKS passion, expertise, and overall involvement around the globe.

Related to this blog: many Champions in the program today joined because they had an appetite to take part in special <span data-cmtooltip='Visit Solidworks‘ class=”glossaryLink”>SOLIDWORKS community projects and initiatives. Today, I’m here to talk about a very remarkable new project: the ‘Track Champions’ initiative that many of our worldwide Champions are taking part in. It’s one the entire <span data-cmtooltip='Visit Solidworks‘ class=”glossaryLink”>SOLIDWORKS community, heading into 3DEXPERIENCE World 2021, should be excited to hear about!

Looking forward:  we recognized that we had an opportunity to change how we do user agenda session evaluations. Over the years, many members of community have poured in hours of their time on proposing, prepping, and delivering outstanding user agenda sessions dating back many, many ‘Worlds’ now.

And over the years, behind the scenes, many members of the <span data-cmtooltip='Visit Solidworks‘ class=”glossaryLink”>SOLIDWORKS team have done their best to strike the right balance on the user agenda for the entire attendee base. This means: reviewing all of the sessions, interacting with presenters throughout the session submission/review process, and making final calls on all proposals.

With the new <span data-cmtooltip='Visit Solidworks‘ class=”glossaryLink”>SOLIDWORKS Champions Program, select Champions are working together with our internal track leaders in a variety of ways. We’ve paired several of our ‘Track Champions’ with internal track leaders to make sure the user voice is better represented on the user agenda than ever before.

This time around, Track Champions are doing this through the following ways with

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