First beta of Krita 4.4.2

First beta of Krita 4.4.2

Published    12/7/2020

The Krita team is releasing the first beta of Krita 4.4.2. With over 300 changes, this is mainly a bugfix release, though some key new features, too!

Note: this release also includes a possible for an issue where sometimes modifier shortcut keys stopped working. This fix has not yet been confirmed by the reporters, so please help us by testing this release thoroughly!

New Features Mesh Gradients

Sharaf Zaman’s Google Summer of Code project has landed in this release! Compatible with Inkscape, Krita now provides the second independent implementation of SVG Mesh Gradients. Mesh gradients are used on vector objects and can deliver really natural looking results:

Mesh Gradients

Mesh Gradients

Mesh Transform

Mesh transforms will greatly speed up your concept by allowing complex transformations, such as the half-rounded grate on this window!

But the gradients are not the only mesh related feature! This release also sees the first iteration of the mesh-transform. Like the gradient mesh, the mesh transform consists of bezier patches that can be individually shaped to create precise transforms, especially useful for rounded objects. Not shown in the above screenshot: you can optionally show the handles of each bezier curve making up the mesh for even more precision and control!

We’re still tweaking this one, but currently the shortcuts are the following:

Mesh node:
– click+drag — move node Border node:
– click+drag — move node
– shift+click+drag — move whole row/column
– ctrl+alt+click+drag — split/slide row/column
– ctrl+alt+click+drag-away — remove split Control point:
– click+drag — change control point symmetrically
– shift+click+drag — change control point non-symmetrically;
this action will create angular texture
artifacts Node or Control:
– ctrl+click — select multiple nodes Patch area:
– click+drag — free patch deform
– shift+click+drag — move whole mesh Empty area outside mesh:
– click+drag — rotate mesh or selection
– ctrl+click+drag — scale mesh or selection
– shift+click+drag — move mesh or selection Gradient Fill Layer and new Gradient Editor Showing the gradient fill layer and the new gradient editor.

The gradient fill layer and the new gradient editor in action.

Deif Lou added a new gradient fill layer type, this one will make it easy to quickly create a variety of gradients non-destructively. With it, he also made an important usability fix: Gradients in Krita could be either segment type, or stop type, with different features each, and different editors each. That could get quite annoying if you were working on a gradient, but you realized you had the wrong type! This is now fixed, as both gradient types can now be edited by the same editor, which also converts between the two.

Improved Halftone Filter

Deif Lou also created a new halftone filter. The old filter was slow and could not be used as a filter mask, and could only show dots.

Our splash screen as filtered by the half tone filter

The new halftone filter can do per-channel filtering,

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