Why 2021 Will Be the Best Year for Digital Marketing and E-Commerce

After the burst of COVID 19, 2020 became an unpredictable year for every one of us. This year changed the way we live by introducing many alternatives that have never been opted before. From online educational activities to online shopping experiences, people have witnessed a dramatic turn in the usual routine.

Now this year is about to end, people are already looking forward to 2021. Well, the future is never predictable, but we can make an educated estimate of how E-commerce and mobile marketing will grow in the year 2021.

The Growing Trend for Online Shopping

According to a recent report, in May 2020, online sales have increased up to 77%. Before COVID 19, online shopping was growing steadily but faces a boom after the pandemic hits the world. Due to safety reasons, people are now preferring online shopping rather than in-stores. This provides them with better options in terms of wide selection variety, discounts and deals, and foremost, it is very convenient.

Although, many brick and mortar businesses have closed permanently. Many retailers have introduced online websites to sell those products. This was not feasible at first due to a lack of face-to-face dealing. But people are now getting used to it and that is why it is predicted that e-commerce will rise even when the COVID threat is over. 

An Increasing Trend of Online Academic Events and Education

Webinars, virtual conferences, and online teaching have become dominant this year. Many social meetings, interviews, and live sessions are held, and the users find ease in this. A Grand view research report states that in 2017, the market for virtual events was worth 78 Billion. This trend is expected to grow by 25% by 2020, but the trend rises exponentially.

Virtual events offer immense advantages, i.e., saves time and money, no geographical limitation, easy to arrange, and easy to register. 

Precise Personalization and Relevant Recommendation

Artificial intelligence has facilitated humans in multiple ways. One of the aspects is to display the most relevant ads to the users. Many social media websites, i.e., Facebook, Instagram, YouTube support e-marketing. But irrelevant ads sometimes become a bit annoying. The solution to this is to display personalized ads to the user as practiced by Amazon and Netflix. 

Based on your location, search history, and many more personal information, Amazon’s personalized pages show you the relevant products you might have interest in. The intelligent algorithms used by these websites fetch your data and help you recommend the best product you are looking for. 

Voice Search Will Boost Up

Voice searching is growing rapidly, and it is expected to grow even more in the coming years. Unlike the traditional typing search method, the user speaks only about the content they are searching for. Voice assistants like Cortana, Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa are gaining more popularity due to the ease of use they offer. 

A report by Statista states that by 2021, 122 million people in the US will be using voice assistants. Voice search is influencing the local SEO. For example, during a traditional typing search, one has to mention the area in which he is looking for a specific product. With a voice assistant, you just ask the assistant to search for the desired product near you. 

Enhanced Significance of Short Videos

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