December 2020 Product Update – What’s New



Notable fixes

jddubbs told us about a problem where Fusion 360 would hang every time he tried to open a document that contained certain inserted x-refs. We were able to give him a work-around while we investigated deeper, and we’re happy to report that we’ve also fixed this issue. kthrendyle shared a screenshot with us where measurements generated from the measure command from a face to a hole annoyingly overlapped one and another, making it really difficult to see the values. We tweaked how the values are displayed so that they no longer overlap each other anymore.guenther.andresen posted a great animated gif of an issue he found regarding selection filters and how window selecting a model with the edge selection turned on didn’t actually select the edges at all. We discovered that this was not working on non-English UI. Sorry about that; this is now fixed.   Sketching & Modeling 

Improved! Chamfer tool 
Design workspace > Solid Tab > Modify > Chamfer 

We’ve improved the Chamfer command by enabling you to select multiple groups of edges and with different Chamfer distances and angles for each group. You can also select faces too, and the command will chamfer the edges around the face, just like how the Fillet tool behaves.

At the bottom of the command dialog, you also have the option to pick the Corner Type, such as corner blend chamfer or 3 edge chamfer.  We’ve also finally fixed an issue that has been lingering with Chamfer for a while. You can now flip a 2 distance or distance angle chamfer.  

See help documentation for Chamfer. 

See notable fixes HughesTooling reported a bug in Pattern-on-path he found while trying to help another user. It failed to compute when he was trying to move a component into another component by dragging the sketch, which was used to make an Extrude Cut and then patterned. This is now fixed.HughesTooling also found a bug in the thread command where using the 10-32 UNF Designation and setting the Class as 2A caused the thread to fail. Sorry about that – we got this sorted out. We heard reports of an issue where, in the Mirror command, selecting multiple faces with the Face Selection filter and a construction plane caused Fusion 360 to freeze. We looked under the hood and found the bug that was causing this, so we crushed it and now it works as expected.   Electronics

New! Schematic Editor 
New File > Electronic Design > 2D Schematic > Command line > “explib” 

There are times that a design has been provided to you, but not all the libraries are available, or you wish to reconcile all the components of a design in one library.  The Fusion 360 schematic design file has all the properties of the component on the schematic; therefore, library dependency is not necessary. With this new feature you can extract all the components into their original library or into one library.  Making it easy to re-use in different designs, or make changes to apply to the current design.  

New! Assign 3D models to footprints that do not have pads 
New Electronic Library > Package Editor 

Previously, you were unable to assign 3D models to a 3D package footprints if the model did not have pads. We’ve added the capability to now include 3D geometry (such as the light pipes in the example below) as mechanical objects as part of the 3D package design, even if it doesn’t have an electronic representation in the schematic.

Improved! Create custom footprint for surface-mount packages 
New Electronic Library > Create tab > Package Editor > PCB Package drop-down > Package Generator > Custom

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