Books That Will Make You a Better Leader and Human in 2021

We are almost at the end of the year; and what a year it’s been. Phew! A lot of you might be thinking about setting New Year’s resolutions, creating lists of skills to work on next year, while probably also thinking about things you could gift your team members, family, and friends. 

In a year when most of us were forced to step back and reflect on what truly is important to us, gifting books written by experts who dedicated their lives to figuring out how to be better leaders and humans seems like the perfect gift.

2020 showed us all the power of true leadership and its importance. We were forced to step forward as business professionals, as parents, friends, relatives. The lives of the majority of us were shaken and we had to adjust, adapt, and change. 

Luckily for us here at Nimble, we know many smart leaders in the industry who are also avid readers. Since there’s an incredible amount of books on the market, and more and more are coming out each day, we asked for recommendations. We reached out to 10 respected influencers in the areas of sales, marketing, small business, and social media/digital marketing whose names you will most likely recognize right away.

Why Reading Makes You a Better Leader

As Harry Truman said: “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”

“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” 

– Harry Truman

Michael Hyatt wrote in his article that readers are likely to be leaders because “reading is the most efficient way to acquire information, and leaders need a lot of general information to keep perspective and seize opportunities.” He also says that reading improves our people skills, as “stories give us an opportunity to walk in other people’s shoes and see the world through their experiences and with their motivations.”

And what better year to start working on improving our empathy, expanding horizons, and becoming better leaders than now. We hope that you will enjoy the awesome book recommendations from our friends and influencers in the industry as much as we did.

In case you are still not sure why you should gift books this year, here are some additional reasons:

What books have you read in 2020 that have made you a better leader and overall human being?

Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, marketing keynote speaker, and best-selling author at recommends Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White.

“Why would I recommend that all business leaders read a children’s book? Because it’s a great book for any leader that is masquerading as a kid’s read.

“Why: Because the main character in the story is basically the world’s best leader (and the world’s best marketer, too — can we talk about the ‘web’ analogy?). Anyhow, leaders: Charlotte the spider’s entire goal in the story is to make Wilbur the pig be successful at reaching his goal.

“It’s an allegory for how the best leaders focus on what those around them need most. And they leave the world a better place. (Foreshadowing: dun-dun-dun…!!)

“Plus it’s beautifully written with spare, gorgeous prose that never feels precious.

I read this book almost every year. You should, too. Trust me.”

Favorite takeaway/quote:

“It is not often that someone comes

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