Illustrator Daniel Aubert: ‘sometimes I use dreams as initial ideas’

Daniel Aubert has been following his career as an illustrator since 2014. His main focus is on​ character design and portraits, however, he also likes to work with both 2D and 3D mediums. He joins us to speak about his artistic journey and the inspiration behind his successful 100 Days. 100 Commissions submission.

Tell us more about yourself and your artistic journey.

I am from Maceió, Brazil. I graduated in architecture and urbanism, but I am following a career as an illustrator and 3D artist. I have always loved to draw since I was a child and actually that is what drove me to architecture. But in the middle of the course, I realised there was actually space for illustration, and things shouldn’t be limited to my city. Internet and social media had the power for me to share my work and eventually get a job. Although I always kept drawing and trying to improve as naturally as possible. I didn’t think of it as an obligation, and I guess that was very important for me to keep pushing and learning until today.

Right now I work as a designer/illustrator at the Federal University of Alagoas (UFAL), I also do some freelance jobs in illustration and 3D, and I don’t miss architecture at all, haha.

You graduated in Architecture and Urbanism, what drove you in the direction of illustration?

My real passion was always creating figurative art—creating scenes that could take me out of this world even if it was just for one moment—creating characters and caricatures… So I just heard my inner voice, the child inside telling me the truth. And the truth for me is this—drawing, painting and sculpting… The feel of doing these things is amazing, it’s relaxing and therapeutical, and I can make a living out of this. The connected world today has given me the possibility to work from my home in Maceió with someone in another country. Isn’t that amazing?

We love the work you submitted for 100 Days. 100 Commissions. What inspired you to create this piece?

My girlfriend really loves owls, so I wanted to give her another one. I actually promised to give her one thousand owls. I’ve already done around two hundred so there is still plenty to go. But also two other things drove me to do this piece: first I was inspired by Jarom Vogel, and also other artworks that have this flat colours style of layering shapes and then texturing them; and also I wanted to learn more about Affinity Designer because it is an amazing tool for this kind of illustration.

How long did it take to create?

I think around four to six hours of work—it was made within two days of work.

What was your first impression of Affinity Designer?

Finally, a decent software that would take my leashes off from that other vector software that many people use! But then I learned it was even better! With Designer, I can quickly create shapes in vector and jump to pixel persona to texture them. And also the ease of use of the tools and interface—it is really good. If only I could add a feature request here, that would only be for the pencil tool to auto-close the vector shape so you don’t need

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