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If you’ve already learned the basics of gantt charts and don’t know where to go next, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll share 12 gantt chart examples for projects you might find in the following industries:

Gantt charts have many advantages, but they’re especially handy for any project where you want to visualize how long your project will take and how work is progressing along the way. 

Let’s look at a few examples so you can see how a gantt chart works for different project types. Use these ideas as an easy starting point for making a simple gantt chart for your projects.

Gantt chart examples for software development projects

Software developers frequently use gantt charts to manage their projects. Here are 3 examples you can use to plan and track projects in the software industry.

Software project plan gantt chart example

Taking a hybrid approach to software development? This example shows you how to use a gantt chart for an Agile project. Tasks have been organized into groups based on sprints, with milestones for sprint planning and deployment.

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Product roadmap gantt chart example

Strategic planning is just as important as sprint planning. This gantt chart sample enables you to lay out a long-term strategy for your software product so you can communicate and keep track of product goals and initiatives. 

We’ve structured this example as an Agile product roadmap with themes, epics, and releases, but you can tailor the gantt chart to create a framework that works for you.

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Bug tracking gantt chart example

If you use a gantt chart to plan software products, why not use it to track bugs too? This example gives your team an easy place to submit bug reports so developers can get to the bottom of issues quickly.

Task groups are broken down by status (open, in progress, on hold, closed). Simply drag and drop tasks from one status group to the next as it moves through the process. You can also use task colors to indicate priority so everyone knows which bugs to squash first.

Add important notes and files to each task’s discussion tab so your dev team has all the details they need to investigate the issue.

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Gantt chart examples for design and creative projects

Whether you’re a graphic designer, content writer, or video producer, we bet you’d rather spend more time creating than planning. These design and creative gantt chart examples make it easier to get to the good stuff without skipping out on a plan. 

Web design gantt chart example

This sample gantt chart is perfect for planning an internal website refresh or build. It breaks tasks down into basic phases for content, design, and development. Feel free to keep your website plan simple or build it out to cover all your project bases.

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Editorial content gantt chart example

Many creative teams publish a steady stream of content and are always on deadline. This gantt chart example is structured like an editorial calendar so it’s easy to see what’s coming up next on the schedule. 

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