Sendbird Calls introduces web browser quick start access, recording notifications, chat integration, and more

December 15, 2020

Our most recent Sendbird Calls launch included a new self-service option, call event webhooks, on-device recording, and much more. Today we are excited to announce four more standout features, including: 

The integration of call events in chat channels Video recording notifications Call quality scores that measure the perceived call experience A new quick start app option that enables users to sign in and make or receive calls from their web browser Chat channels now integrate call events

Sendbird’s mission is to help people connect in a digital world. With chat, voice, and video calls available on one platform, you can offer your customers more ways to engage. Sendbird Chat offers the privacy and convenience of rich media texting, while Sendbird Calls creates richer human interactions. With our multi-interaction APIs, we provide seamless, integrated communication channels so you can deliver the best user experiences to your customers. By adding call events to chat threads, users are now able to receive notifications of missed calls, placed calls, and details regarding the length of the conversation. 

Simple web link sign-in from any device

The quick start app is the simple way to experience a first Sendbird call. In the past, an admin shared a QR code that a user would scan to download the application in order to make or receive a call. While easy to use in most situations, QR code scanning presented some issues that hindered the user experience.

With our latest release, an admin can simply share a convenient web link via text, chat, or email to invite a user to join a call. A simple click or tap on a mobile device triggers the sample app download, and on a PC the user can directly answer calls from their browser. The experience is fast and simple, and delivers a positive experience for users.

To invite a user to join a call via the web browser quick start application:

Login to the dashboard and go to the Calls Studio.  Register the user and click the call icon.  A web link is made available to copy and is next to the QR code. 

The process has never been simpler: users are now a simple mouse click or finger tap away from their first Sendbird call. 

For developers, the open source sample app is available on GitHub. You may also join our code cafe this Wednesday where product expert KC Kern walks through the process of placing a first call using the Android Studio. 

New explicit and highly compliant recording notifications 

In our last SDK release, Sendbird Calls enabled the recording of audio and video calls on devices. This feature is often a mandatory requirement in industries like healthcare and finance where stringent regulations must be adhered to. It also provides users a convenient and simple way to keep a record of valuable audio and visual information from a conversation. 

Both national and international privacy laws outline specific parameters regarding the recording of content and require consent. In California, for example, it is a crime to record a confidential conversation without the consent of all parties, or without the notification of the recording. An application, therefore, must notify all participants when it is recording the video or audio communication signals.

Video recording notification is now available,

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