Find best-in-class third-party products with the Unity Verified Solutions Partner (VSP) program

Verified Solutions Partners (VSPs) are vetted and endorsed by Unity – which means they can help you make your workflows even more seamless as you build and scale your experiences with confidence.

Last year, we launched the Verified Solutions Partners (VSP) program to answer a common question we receive from Unity creators: “what solutions do you recommend for my Unity experience?” This program offers you an ecosystem of trusted products and solutions to ensure that you have everything you need to successfully create and manage your projects from end to end. 

We know that it can be frustrating to research, evaluate and test third-party solutions. VSPs solve for that by vetting and endorsing best-in-class third-party products to remove the guesswork. Read on to learn about some of the challenges our VSPs can help you overcome. 

Solutions for creating and operating games

Snapchat joins Unity’s VSP ecosystem

We’re thrilled to announce that mobile game developers can now leverage selected features of Snap Kit to enhance their gameplay and players’ game discovery experience: 

Snap Kit’s Login Kit allows gamers to use their Snapchat account as a quick way to sign up for and log in to games.  Snap Kit’s Creative Kit extends this experience by letting users share their gameplay, decorate still shots or 15-second videos with branded stickers, or attach a game-branded AR lens to share with their Snap network. The shares also include referral links back to the game, amplifying discovery and user acquisition for Unity developers to Snaps’s 249 million daily active users.

Additionally, Bitmoji for Games will be coming to the Unity platform in 2021. With Bitmoji for Games’s Unity SDK, developers will be able to leverage the power of 3D Bitmoji to create immersive games and experiences in Unity, empowering players to be at the center of their game’s action.

You can find Snap Kit now in the Unity Asset Store.

Optimize your project workflows with Odin Enterprise

The Odin Inspector plug-in gives game developers a toolset to easily make custom editors, windows and more in Unity. This plug-in integrates effortlessly to bring instant quality-of-life upgrades with better list drawing, improved enums, object fields, and over 100 attributes. As part of Odin Inspector, you also get Odin Serializer, a fast, robust and extensible open source .NET serialization protocol built for Unity.

Enterprise users also gain access to the Odin Inspector source code, as well as add-ons including the Project Validator, which helps you scan and validate your project scenes and even create an automated pipeline to monitor your project data.

With Odin, you can make the tools and the user-friendly custom editor you’ve always wanted but never had the time to create – without writing a single line of editor code.

Learn more about Odin Enterprise

Deliver great games faster with Backtrace

Crashes and errors cost users, but monitoring them takes a lot of teams’ time and resources. Enter Backtrace, a cross-platform error management solution for client, console and server platforms. It drastically reduces debugging time by automating capture, offering insights about impact, and providing essential context for further investigation in one interface.

Learn more about Backtrace and try it for free.

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It’s no secret that the ASUS ROG is a powerful mobile gaming hardware device – and the

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