Nebo 3.0 adds PDF import and annotation

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As 2020 draws to a close, we’re happy to announce a landmark release in time for the festive season: Nebo 3.0.

If you’ve followed our last few releases, you’ll know we’ve been busy. For version 2.7 we unveiled the infinite canvas of the freeform page. For version 2.8 we added support for passive pens, making Nebo accessible to more users than ever.

For Nebo 3.0, we’re adding something timely: PDF import and annotation.

A one-stop solution

During the pandemic, we noticed how much more necessary it’s become to mark up digital documents. Where previously you could rely on a printed copy of a work report or college course materials, now you’re much more likely to receive such documents via email. So we made PDF import and annotation our top development priority.

The result? You can now add PDFs to your Nebo notebooks and annotate them with your pen. You can use our new highlighter tool to mark up content — and when you’re done, you can export to PDF with all your annotations in place.

The launch of PDF import means that Nebo now answers all your note-taking needs in a single app.

Whether you’re annotating lab reports or pitch decks, practice test papers or your tax return, your notes no longer have to start with a blank page. And when you do need to create something from nothing? Nebo’s freeform and regular pages are ready and waiting.

With the regular page, you can create and refine notes using intuitive “interactive ink” gestures, before using the world’s finest write-to-text conversion to transform handwritten content into professional documents and reports.

The freeform page, meanwhile, is perfect for taking fast, free-flowing notes during client meetings or college lectures, or for brainstorming your next creative project.

With the launch of version 3.0, Nebo is a note-taking one-stop shop. Its versatile solutions will simplify your workflow, amplify your productivity and let you share content with contacts effortlessly. As such, it’s ideally suited to the ‘new normal’ of work, study and life brought about by Covid-19.

A new Nebo Store

But PDF import isn’t the end of the Nebo 3.0 story. There’s something else new for users of Nebo on iPad: a revamped Nebo Store.

For a year now, Nebo for iPad has been a freemium product. To gain access to all Nebo’s current features, you had to upgrade to Nebo Pro. But we understand that your note-taking needs aren’t always best-served by a one-size-fits-all approach.

That’s why we’re retiring Nebo Pro for new users and replacing it with a range of optional Productivity Packs. These packs are available to purchase in-app. Each pack unlocks a distinct set of features in Nebo, from old favourites like unlimited notebooks to new additions like PDF import. If you’re a power user looking for the full Nebo experience, you can grab the Full Pack, which unlocks all current packs at once — and at a discounted rate.

A special gift for Pro users

If you’re an existing Pro user, don’t worry: you’ll still have access to all the Nebo features you know and love. And if you want to add the new PDF Pack, you’ll find an exclusive 50% discount waiting for you in-app!

That’s it from us for now — the only thing left is to wish all our users around the world a very happy festive season. We hope

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