How to Build Small Business Sales Teams like a Serial Entrepreneur

To build a sales team for a small business is a critical mission, the success of which determines if a small business will evolve into a medium one any time soon, or will die off in the first year as the vast majority does. 

At the stage, when a business owner is ready to hire a salesperson, the product or service is out and ready to be sold, plus some marketing efforts may have been applied to test the demand.

According to the U.S Census Bureau, there are 30.7 million small businesses in the USA, which is 99.9% of the total volume percentage-wise. They employ 59.9 million people, which is 47.3% of the entire workforce of the country. This tells us that many of them have 1-2 people on a team.

At some point in the development of a business, any entrepreneur, who has tried to pull it all off on their own realize the time has come to hire. 

Salespeople are usually among the first to be onboarded and the expectations are high. Owners are usually in love with their business idea and expect their wonderful product to fly off the shelves like hotcakes.

This is why we decided to create this somewhat sobering read on how to build a sales team from scratch. No detail is too small in this endeavor: structure, budget, tools, and attitude.

How do you hire a sales team for success?

What makes a successful team of sales professionals for a budding business?

What sales tools are there to help a project get off the ground?

Is it better to hire or outsource the sales team?

What are the features of a perfect startup sales team?

Nimble CRM is an affordable tool with task management, email marketing, calendar & scheduling in one user-friendly intuitive interface. It costs $19 per user per month as an annual service and provides access to the best in league cloud technology when it comes to contact management and process planning.

This is why we have hundreds of thousands of small businesses using our SaaS tool. This is why we know the highs and lows of establishing a winning sales crew. We are delighted to share some of our empirically-derived best practices on creating the most efficient structure of the team of sales professionals for your SME. 

When Is The Right Time To Start Looking For Sales Reps For A Startup?

The answer will depend on three major factors:

Whether you sell services or physical products; If you sell B2B or B2C; How big/small your budget is.

If you sell services, you can do it without the sales team for quite a while. You can attract customers via digital marketing efforts and have them pass the lead to an account manager.

Say, you won a hairdresser’s salon, or a car wash, or a consultancy firm. You sell services, your clients may be finding you via social media, Google ads, Google business, and then book their appointments with your digital tools or with your receptionist.

If you sell physical products, some sort of sales representative is pretty important, specifically if we are talking offline sales in a brick-and-mortar physical building, like a kiosk or a shop.

B2C sales can be done bypassing the sales department altogether if

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