Best VFX Software for Beginners

Video is king. Be it for entertainment and art, or simply for communicating new content online – we all watch, learn, and improve in no small part from video.

The appetite and immediacy for footage creation, coupled with high expectations from a savvy video community, makes editing equally essential. Whether it’s free editing software for YouTube, for example, the program and application for video production have also gone mainstream.

FX for Everyone

So what about VFX software and tools for adding particular visual effects? Surely the finer arts of compositing and 3D animation are a different story, right? Surprisingly not, with some top resources available for VFX beginners to download for free, trial,/ and get using today.

Never has it been less necessary to be a film academy professional either. For the student filmmaker to the video blogger and beyond – this guide identifies a veritable VFX software smorgasbord fit for all!

HitFilm Express (FREE)