Check Out How Apptivo Signs Off 2020!

The year 2020 marked the beginning of a new decade! People across the world welcomed it with new hopes and dreams. However, this year certainly turned out to be a roller-coaster ride with the discovery of COVID-19. COVID-19 gave rise to a brave new world that not only affected the well-being but also tested the emotions of people. To assist businesses to overcome the pandemic, we at Apptivo, optimized the Software with new applications and interesting features making your user experience more streamlined. Let’s go through the latest applications, integrations, and features added to the Apptivo suite of applications during the “Year of New Normal”, 2020.

Before we go over the important upgrades in Apptivo, the supreme information that we would like to highlight is that Apptivo’s pricing structure will be going through a revamp. Yes! Starting this new year, you will come across noteworthy changes in the accessibility of certain features and applications offered by Apptivo. Freeze your plans before the new plan structure comes into force on January 1, 2021. Why wait? Check out our pricing page and choose your plans.

Launched Thrilling Applications

Apptivo is a cloud suite of 65+ applications with 15+ solutions catering to different functions of your business. To make your workflow management effortless, the year 2020 saw the introduction of multiple applications at Apptivo that not only integrates your business better but also brings your customers closer.

E-Commerce Portal

A dedicated online store to enable your customers to shop online from anywhere at any time. Learn More

Sales Returns App

Manage a database on all your canceled/returned items and have your inventory updated automatically. Learn More

ASNs App

Effortlessly generate and verify a shipment notice with the serial control for your receivings. Learn More

Miscellaneous Receipt

Issue miscellaneous receipts for the transactions and keep your inventory updated. Learn More

Miscellaneous Issue

Create issues for your miscellaneous transactions and get your inventory updated. Learn More

Integrated Solutions Google Maps Integration

Google Maps is an innovative application powered by Google to detect locations, get real-time navigation data, and traffic conditions. Google Maps is now integrated with Apptivo to ensure optimized delivery of customer service. Google Maps integration assists in planned and timely dispatch of resources, track destinations, auto-suggest addresses, and differentiate addresses with color-coding in the Map View. Learn More

Contact Center

A complete call center solution has been presented by Apptivo to strengthen your help desk services. Apptivo’s Contact Center is a one-stop powerhouse to streamline your call center service with its dedicated IVR setup, call conferencing, call transfer, and SMS facilities. Apptivo has also gone a step ahead by the addition of a Chrome extension for your Contact Center application to smoothen your navigation like never before. Learn More


True to its words, Apptivo is a complete bundle of integrated applications leaving no room for any inconvenience. Apptivo has integrated with its native application to bring electronic signatures for your service. With this, you can easily enable your customers or contacts to complete the online signing process. The Request Change feature allows the signers to interact within the documents and sign the documents. Learn More

Recurring event sync in Office 365

Introducing the Recurring Event Sync option with Office 365 in May 2020 has turned out to be a

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