🎄 Development release GIMP 2.99.4 is out 🎁

As we are progressing towards v3.0, we expect future unstable releases to have less new features and more bug fixes and improvements.

Release highlights:

Usability fixes across various parts of GIMP New Paint Select tool in the playground New generic dialog generation and metadata support API for export plug-ins Multi-threaded JPEG2000 decoding Initial documentation on porting plug-ins to 3.0 GIMP 2.99.4 present for Christmas! by Aryeom, Creative Commons by-sa 4.0 Usability fixes Slider widget Multi-layer selection Input Devices dialog Better device defaults Font thumbnail adapted for Korean and Japanese New experimental Paint Select tool API updates Dialog generation for plug-ins New generic metadata support API Updated file plug-ins Multi-threading preferences now available from plug-ins Improved plug-in debugging Dev docs on porting plug-ins to 3.0 GEGL and babl Download and bug reporting What’s next Usability fixes¶ Slider widget¶

We fixed several discoverability issues in the new (more compact) slider widget. This was mostly the result of usability tests by Aryeom after extensive use in production.

Before, if you tried to edit the scale value numerically (i.e. by inputting numbers on keyboard), you’d also trigger a value change by using the main mouse button click. You could avoid that by using the middle mouse button click, but is was hardly discoverable.

So now you can pinpoint-click the displayed numbers. This action will only focus the text input (by default entirely selecting the existing value as is common when focusing text entries). You can still click-edit the value from everywhere in the widget, except exactly on the numbers.

The second issue was related to changing the cursor depending on the context:

The top-arrow cursor came from a time where this widget had 2 areas, a top and bottom. It didn’t really mean anything anymore with the new interaction. We replaced it by a common “grab” cursor as defined in the CSS specification. This becomes a “grabbing” cursor when a click’n’drag is in progress. When the pointer is hovering the text area, it becomes a “text” cursor instead, hence advertizing the fact that a click here would start editing the number. Finally, when holding the Shift modifier key, the cursor will become a horizontal resize cursor (“col-resize” in the CSS specification), hence advertizing the ability for smaller relative resizing (an action also available with the third button, usually right-click). GIMP 2.99.4: from left to right, new cursors on the slider to grab, when grabbing, do small updates or text-edit Multi-layer selection¶

Multi-item selection in the Layers dockable comes with common key interactions for multiple selection such as: Shift-click for range selection or Ctrl-click for selection modification. These interactions clashed with some features we had on layer and mask thumbnails. For instance one could end up changing the selected layers while in the same time create or remove layer masks by mistake.

Since the multiple layers feature is just too important and these generic interactions are so well established across software (hence their removal or replacement not even being a question), we made the following design choices:

No special click features in the Layers dockable should be based only on Shift, Ctrl or Shift-Ctrl modifiers, but it could include these if any additional modifier (e.g. Alt) comes to play. We moved all existing features that didn’t follow such rule to the Alt+ combination. For cases where all modifier combinations were

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