Five Reasons to Use eSignatures for Contracts Management

Present working of companies of almost any domain includes the majority of their processes done virtually. People are becoming to rely less on physical needs for different purposes such as making copies of documents and forms. Several industries still find the conventional pen & ink method preferable and find it satisfying to have an inked impression on the documents. But there is no need to still rely on those classical methods for these purposes. With the virtualization of almost all of the processes, signing isn’t behind in the race. With the right methods and processes integrated with a CRM solution, e-Signing has several advantages. Let us reveal the five reasons to adopt eSignatures for contract management with Apptivo.

eSignatures Being Fast

Different modern technologies in no doubt have resulted in the development of how fast certain business operations are performed. Quick communication channels and the sharing of documents in real time enable employees all over the globe to collaborate using CRM solutions and accomplish great tasks in small time. The past norms included the processing of documents taking a lot of time, almost weeks and months.

That was because the documents were routed across different departments in certain businesses to get authorized signatures. But, the present solution to this is electronic signatures, allowing a significant improvement in turnaround times of documents while ensuring the secure transfer of assets. Apptivo eSignatures allows you to take advantage of placing fast signatures in documents, enabling you to perform tasks at a much greater pace.

eSignatures Being Convenient

Another reason for eSignatures being preferred is their convenience. The presence of the signatures on the cloud, deployed by the Apptivo eSignature Software allows you to access your signatures anytime and anywhere around the world. This gives you and your employees the privilege to perform editing, reviewing, and re-signing of documents virtually from anywhere in the world using any mobile device.

This allows for the signing of contracts and important documents and papers related to any person or individual not being physically present at the same place to perform the task. With Apptivo eSignatures, you get access to your signatures present on the cloud anytime, anywhere, and on any compatible mobile device.

eSignatures Being Easy To Execute

With a lot of signatures stored and your documents containing a lot of relevant places to put the signatures, it could seem to you like a mess to solve and also somewhat trivial to understand where to put those signatures. But with Apptivo eSignatures, getting bothered about this isn’t your task. Apptivo eSignatures application enables you to detect the order of signatures to be put up in a document.

A variety of Apptivo’s other applications support integration with eSignatures such as Contracts, Work Orders, Estimates, Invoices, etc. For such applications, Apptivo gives you access to modify and control the signatures across the documents. For a single document, you have the advantage of using different signatures according to the needs. There can be a variety of signatures, may it be in typo, drawing, or image upload format.

eSignatures Featuring Personalized Structure

There are several conditions where clients and customers aren’t satisfied with the documents and need different changes to be made. If a document is prepared and then it is asked to make changes, it

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