The simple guide to drip email campaigns

Research shows that for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you get back $4, with drip email campaigns playing a huge role.

But to get such mouthwatering ROIs, you must understand the types of email campaigns that help move your marketing needle up. One such campaign is called a drip email campaign.

What is a drip email campaign?

At its simplest, a drip email campaign is an automated email marketing strategy designed to send out several emails to a subscriber over a specific period. The emails are triggered by an event or action performed by the customer and are set to go out at predetermined intervals. 


For example, if a person subscribes to your blog, your drip campaign will include sending them a welcome email almost immediately. A day or two later, that subscriber will be sent another email highlighting some of your most popular blog posts. And if you have a course, your third email could be an introduction to that course.

The beauty of email drip campaigns is that they enable you to provide your subscribers with the exact information they need at the right time. And no matter when a person joins your email list (or a particular segment), everyone receives the exact same sequence.

Why use drip email campaigns?

So why should you bother with drip email campaigns?

Simple. Drip campaigns can help you achieve your marketing and revenue goals. A few advantages of drip campaigns are:

Boost engagement

One of the biggest advantages you get from drip email campaigns is that they help boost engagement. Especially if a prospect has just subscribed to your email list, this aspect is very important.

That’s because research shows that it takes about eight touchpoints to convert a prospect into a customer. And a drip campaign gives you a lot of opportunities to engage with your prospects.

Lead nurturing

Another advantage of drip campaigns is that they are the perfect tool for nurturing your leads. Business is all about managing customer relationships. Sadly, however, you can’t handhold each customer as you take them down your sales funnel.

But with a drip email campaign, you can come close.

That’s because a drip campaign allows you to communicate with each lead in a personalized way, giving the impression that you’re with your lead at each step of the customer journey.

This results in higher chances of your leads converting into customers. 

And thanks to technology, the whole buyer’s journey can be completed online, especially since you and your clients can sign your documents electronically

Drive revenue

Your main business goal is to generate revenue. And drip emails are one of the best tools to do this, thanks to their being automated.

Yes, that’s important as research shows that automated emails drive about 75% of the revenue of all email marketing campaigns. Automated emails are so effective because they enable you to send targeted and personalized messages to each of your subscribers.

The result, of course, is that you enjoy higher open and transaction rates.

Build strong customer relationships

Data shows that it costs 5x more to get a new customer than to retain an old one. This means building strong relationships with your customers should be one of your priorities if you’re to grow a successful business. You must

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